RD results for RHIT

My son was accepted as well!

Congratulations everyone! @2022dad where are you from?

How did the acceptance letter look like? was it in a huge envelope or small one?

My son was accepted EA. It was a regular envelope.

@grinnelladmi We are from Kentucky.

Got the mail today, Son accepted!!

Yeah! Congrats @genuine77! CongratulActions to all accepted.

Got small letter in the mail yesterday. Was expecting it to be a denial, I was wrong! Accepted. Hoping great FA comes soon.

3.8 UW
4.74 W
1400 SAT
8 APs (Including senior year)
3 years of FRC (8th grade through 10th, changed schools so I couldn’t continue)
2 years of leadership for FRC (elected to a 3rd year but changed school)
4 years of CyberPatriot (including 2 years of getting to national semifinal round)
450 volunteer hours relating to Robotics
Some work experience relating to Robotics as well

Acceptance came in small regular white business envelope.

@Hbs2018 any word on financial aid yet? are you instate or outof state? intended major?

@reformedman I got 18.5k/year, showed up a week after acceptance. I am OOS-Texas and intend on doing MechE.