RD results for RHIT

Anyone waiting on RD results from Rose? When can we expect them to come out based on past results? They said by march 15th, so can we expect earlier then?

We were at a Rose sponsored event today. They said that the scheduled decision date is March 15th but that they are hoping together it to the students around March 4th. And yes, it will arrive by regular mail.

Thanks @mardong , it will be nice to get it earlier.

@genuine77, wishing you luck! Rose is such a great school.

Thanks @mardong!

@grinnelladmit, that is what a rep from RHIT said they were hoping for. They said that they were ahead of schedule, and hoping for March 4th instead of March 15th.

Nope. Snail mail is how they do it. Any day now. Good luck with your acceptance!

@grinnelladmit, Nope. Snail mail is how they do it. If it helps, our EA acceptance came in via USPS on a Monday 12/11. They might put it in the mail on Fridays so everyone gets it about the same day. Today might be the day… hopefully on the 5th it is in your mail box? Any day now. Good luck with your acceptance!

They said they’re sending them out this week @mardong

Hey @mardong I received my acceptance email today, so I assume that they’re coming out this week.

Congrats @Controlcenter ! Still waiting for my son’s results.

From the USPS informed delivery my son is receiving his letter today that tells him his results. If accepted, does it come in a regular sized envelope or a larger envelope?

As RD results come in, if anybody has any questions about being a student at Rose, let me know and I’ll see if I can answer them. I’m currently a sophomore Computer Engineer.

Reading another thread, I was able to find the answer … acceptance (and other?) come in regular sized envelope.

Still waiting for my son’s letter in Kentucky

Good luck to all of you! Still waiting here.

Son got accepted!

what were his stats?

@Browns where do you live so I can determine if my mail has arrived

Live in Ohio. Stats … 4.0 UW, #1 in class, 1450 SAT, very good ECs, decent essays.