Regular Decision day is here on (gulp!) Friday the 13th

Good luck to everyone.

What time do decisions come out?

They say later afternoon. It’s historically been around 4 p.m. David Graves confirmed on his blog yesterday that while the school is shutting down for a while, the decisions will still come out today as planned.

Here are the stats on the total admitted class in advance of this afternoon’s decisions reveal (note: this includes all admissions, including Early Action):

28,524 applications
13,131 admitted
46.0% admit rate

1,158 on wait list

UGA Calculated Grade Point Average mid-range/average: 3.97 – 4.22, with a 4.08 average

AP/IB/Dual Enrollment course mid-range/average: 7-12 courses, average of 9

SAT Best Score SAT Total (Using SAT or converted ACT) mid-range: 1320-1460

ACT Best Score Composite (Using ACT or converted SAT mid-range): 28-33


Portals should be updated. DD had been deferred and just got IN!
3.95 GPA
30 ACT
Strong Essay

rejected :confused:

4.04 UGA GPA
1390 SAT

of APs: 9

definitely sad and confused but congrats to everyone who got in!!!

Denied (deferred from EA)
ACT (super score)Composite 32 (E-31, M-34)
4-year varsity athlete, NHS, BETA club, church leader, 500+ community service hours, part-time nanny
Essay good/very good
Hard to understand the denial but not completely surprised as this group of applicants are quite amazing.
Congratulations to all accepted students.

Accepted (deferred from EA)
In-State (private school)
GPA 3.67
ACT Composite 33
4-year multi-sport varsity athlete
Community service and internships
Open to sharing more info about my application :slight_smile:

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accepted!! in-state, 1360 sat, 4.0 uw :slight_smile: so happy. go dawgs!

My other twin was also accepted (after his brother was accepted EA), so I will be sending two to Athens.