<p>Hope you didn't miss me. Wrestling with some health problems with younger daughter, hopefully now under control. And I come back and am totally confused about what I am doing. And then about to head east for Parent's Weekend!</p>

<p>Younger d. is doing a benefit recital - anyone who is out here is invited. She also just received an invitation to repeat it in Philadelphia, and to my utter shock, she said "Yes!" (she turned one down in Chicago last year.) Her response was, "Well, they need the money." (Great kid!) This is my kid who can't figure out why anyone would want to read a book, when you can read Rachmaninoff.</p>

<p>Announcement below.</p>

<p>You are Invited to a….</p>

<p>Benefit Piano Recital by</p>

<p>Meera Shanti</p>

<p>Music of Debussy, Lecuona, Rachmaninoff,
Chopin, Khachaturian, & Granados</p>

<p>Saturday, October 23rd, 7:30 P.M.
United Churches of Olympia
11th and Capitol Boulevard</p>

<p>Meera Shanti, 14, has been playing the piano since she was 2. She is a homeschooler, a junior member of Olympia Friends Meeting, and is a member of the Black Hills Gymnastics Team. Besides the piano, she also studies vocal music with Seattle jazz vocalist Greta Metassa. </p>

<p>Funds will benefit the Healing and Rebuilding Communities Program of the African Great Lakes Initiative, working to heal the rifts caused by war and civil strife in Rwanda and Burundi. Olympia Friends Meeting has set up a special micro-economic sharing fund for individuals and families returning home from the camps for refugees and displaced persons. Contributions will be accepted at the door.</p>

<p>Sponsored by Olympia Friends Meeting (Quakers) – Right Sharing of World Resources, and Interfaith Works</p>

<p>For More Information, Call: (360) 352-0506; E-Mail: <a href=""></a></p>

<p>Just a thought Mini - but are you sure you want all of that identifying information about your Daughter posted on a public site like this?</p>

<p>Don't mind in the least. It is all in print in magazine articles in which she has appeared, as well as on my website. </p>

<p>I am sure parents with performers wrestle with this all the time. We did the wrestling, but it was years ago.</p>

<p>OK, just wanted to check...Congratulations to your daughter. Sounds like you have another very talented woman on the way up.</p>

<p>Best wishes for a fine performance and good health, as appropriate. When I was young, we did fund-raising for the AFSC in Berkeley - our basement was often full of stuff for rummage and craft sales. Happy memories.</p>

<p>Mini, I e-mailed the concert information to my daughter at Evergreen. What a wonderful idea. Your daughter must be extremely talented.</p>

<p>Mini, welcome back. I was wondering why you hadn't posted. Congrats to your daughter and good luck to her on her recital.</p>