Review Admit Timeline

Hello, need some help with timeline on review admit applicants. My son applied in the beginning of October, 1300 SAT with 710 in Math, 9 APs, Varsity Soccer and is top 20% of class, planning to Major in Mathematics. When can we expect to hear back from the college? Not sure if we should start applying to other colleges. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks

Great math score! Stats are good, but probably won’t hear back til December or later. The 1300 is solid but typically the 1400 plus students hear back in the first holistic release.

I would think your son would be close though!

Definitely apply to other schools, always good to have one or two acceptances under your belt during this long process. Helps with confidence and back up plans are a way of life.

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Thank you Christi. This is helpful. His heart is set on A&M but like you said, it is always good to have a backup plan.

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HI Christi- any predictions on when the first holistic release might be, please? My son is one of the ones who’s portal said “admission offered” and they took it back. Am on pins and needles daily! Thank you in advance.

It should be any day now based on prior years. There won’t be alot of holistic reviews, mainly the higher ranking with great test sores. Then we’ll start to see more well rounded kiddos get in mid Nov and December. The rest will follow in January with full admit to gateway to possibly some team (or at least options to choose waitlitst and or team).

Hang in there. The process is long, but it all works out.

I have read a 1400 and above for SAT. What about ACT scores?

32 plus probably