RHIT for free?

<p>What does it take to get a full ride to RHIT?
Know anyone who has been offered a full ride?</p>

<p>Two of my very good friends got full rides to RHIT. The first one received Rose-Hulman's Percopo scholarship. It's extremely prestigious -- I think just a handful of people (read: one or two) get it every year, if it's still around. I believe he had to fill out a separate application and go for an interview. He had near perfect SATs and GPA in high school. I don't know the specifics, but he was very close. To this day, he's one of the three smartest people I've ever personally known.</p>

<p>My other friend got a full ride from a scholarship that's not based in Rose-Hulman, but which Indiana gives out. It's the Lily scholarship, given to students in different regions of Indiana. He was one of the top performers at his small high school in rural Indiana. I don't think his SAT scores were quite as astronomical as my first friend's, but they were still quite good. I actually knew a few other acquaintances at Rose on the Lily scholarship.</p>

<p>Summary: it's very hard to get a full ride. Also: look for sources outside of RHIT (state scholarships, national scholarships, etc.). I think there may have been a few other scholarships (maybe a NSBE-sponsored one?), and of course ROTC has some financial benefits as well (don't know if they go for free or if it's just discounted...anyone know?). Do note that it is NOT that hard to get a partial scholarship. I got some merit-based aid for above-RHIT-average SATs/GPA.</p>

<p>Just one point of clarification: the Percopo Scholarship is only open to students from certain geographic areas and only covers the cost of tuition--it is not a "full ride" scholarship. Also, the Lilly Scholarship only covers tuition and the cost of the laptop, but Rose-Hulman will cover the cost of Room and Board, and the combination is what makes it a "full ride".</p>

<p>As noted by y2kwizard, "full rides" are very rare and usually come from a combination of outside and Rose-Hulman funding.</p>

<p>Jared Goulding
Assistant Director of Admissions
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology</p>