RHIT/Rose Hulman 2024 students of Indian descent ?

Rose has few folks of Indian descent. Wondering if any such have been accepted.
Please reply if so. Lets keep each other from giving up RHIT assuming that no other people of Indian descent will decide to go there.

My son’s been accepted into CS.

My daughter is Indian and she has been accepted at RHIT. She hasn’t made a decision yet.

Our daughter is of Indian ethnicity, American citizen who grew up in Singapore for the last 8 years. She has been admitted in ChemE and very seriously considering RHIT. I know that there is another girl of Indian descent from Singapore (one-year senior from same high school) studying there in RHIT. I have visited during this college during summer, there is even an Indian Restaurant in this little town which is quite popular among the students.

I’m Indian descent too

My son has committed to Rose for CS, we are from India. Has your son made a decision?

My son has been accepted to RHIT CS class of 2025. He has also been accepted at U of Mich. for CS as well. He had his sights set for UIUC CS, but got his second choice Bioinformatics, under Biology through the LA School.

So, right now it is a tough decision to chose between one of the 3. My suggestion has been RHIT due to smaller class sizes and being taught by actual Professors vs TAs, and definitely a stronger support culture as explained by multiple alumni.

Hopefully, we have a decision soon. We’re in the Chicagoland area so all 3 are close by.

Hello , We (Indian descent currently living in Seattle) are also actively considering Rose as an option for class of 2025 and wish to know if you guys are any close to making your choice

We are from TH and my daughter is going to RHIT this fall. She also got in UMich and UIUC, but she was focused on RHIT since the beginning. Yes the smaller class sizes and very helpful professors is the main attraction. Any questions feel free to ask.

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We, also Indian roots, are from local TH and my d is committed to RHIT '25. Any questions, please feel free to ask.

We are from Hyderabad, India, my son has accepted the admission to RHIT 25

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Hi…we plan to consider RH for my daughter. Did your son join? We are keen to speak with someone who is already studying there.