Rhodes EA 2018

Just wanted to start a new discussion as I think early action decisions should be coming out mid January? My daughter can’t wait!

Has anyone heard back about early action acceptances?

My daughter is still anxiously awaiting. I’m hoping it will be this Friday and not the 15th since lots of schools release on Fridays.

We heard today. Accepted EDII for Fall 2019!

Via email or regular mail?

Portal. Followed by email to student.

Yes, but for those poor kids stressing out on this early action thread, it is likely ED II was sent out on a different day EA will be, so please don’t stress! It is a totally different pool.

does anyone think itll come out tonight??

My apologies for posting in wrong thread. Fingers crossed for all those still waiting.

It’s out now

Decision: ACCEPTED
Major: Finance/Business

ACT: 33 (only taken one time)
- 35 ENG
-34 MATH
-30 READ
-34 SCI
-9 ESSAY (optional)

GPA: 3.6 (low GPA explained in the additional information section, as I had an undiagnosed learning disability until the start of my junior year)

Rank: N/A

Rigor (APs/Honors): 3 AP’s senior year (school does not offer many AP’s before senior year) 6 Honors courses taken prior to senior year. Elite private school in Maryland

EXTRAS: Varsity soccer, Varsity tennis, piano, graphic design service, various community service roles, paid working job during Summers, Investment Club.

State Residency: MD
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Male

Applied date: EA Deadline
Decision date: ACCEPTED

My daughter got in with the presidential scholarship. She’s excited but was hoping for a better scholarship level.

Decision: ACCEPTED
Major: Neuroscience

ACT: 35

GPA: 3.96UW/4.76W

Rank: 1st

Rigor (APs/Honors): 4 AP/50 hours dual enrollment

EXTRAS: Varsity Cheer (4 years:Captain), NHS Vice President, SkillsUSA execive council President, Quiz Bowl state champion, Academic team regional qualifier

State Residency: TX
Ethnicity: White
Gender: female

Applied date: EA Deadline
Decision date: ACCEPTED

Decision: Accepted with Presidential Scholarship!
Major: Biology

ACT 35/ SAT 1500

GPA: 4.0 UW/4.54W

Rank: 1/272

Rigor (APs/Honors): Have taken all honors and AP classes available at my high school. Have taken 4 dual enrollment classes at local community college. AP scholar and National Merit Semifinalist.

EXTRAS: High school swim team (4 years, co-captain), Beta Club secretary, student council representative (3 years), FFA Officer (4 years, secretary and vice president), member of two local student advisory boards (vice president of one), worked as a lifeguard for two summers, math tutor.

State Residency: Tennessee
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female

Applied date: November 13 (early action)
Decision date: Accepted today!

S accepted with Diehl scholarship ($24k per year). SAT 1390 GPA 3.8 UW, captain of 3 varsity sports. From Colorado.

Congrats to all accepted! We look forward to visiting this spring. :slight_smile:

Decision: Deferred :confused:
Major: Poli Sci/ International Studies

ACT: 32

SAT: 1450 (superscore)

GPA: 3.6 Weighted 3.0 Unweighted ← Yeah I know it’s low, I think/ hope my 1st semester senior grades could help me out though.

Rank: N/A

Rigor (APs/Honors): 8 AP/IB, others Honors when available (too rigorous probably contributed to my low GPA, but it’s too late to change that…)

EXTRAS: Marching Band (Drumline Section Leader), Jazz Band, Theater (acting and tech roles), Government and Politics Club (Leader), Summer Job

State Residency: MD
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Male

Congrats everyone else. Hopefully I’ll be able to post “accepted” in the regular decision thread.

Good luck to all those still waiting and keep in touch. ??