Robertson Scholarship notification

<p>Does anyone know when the student notification will take place regarding the next step in the Robertson scholar selection? Thanks.</p>

<p>The email I got says phone conversations are in early March, so they would have to notify before that. Keep in mind that they won't tell you if you didn't make it.</p>

<p>When did you receive the email? I assume you are proceeding to the next step (conversation over phone in March). Congrats to you :-)</p>

<p>The email was a confirmation email if you submitted your supplement, so no one knows yet. Last year they heard back on February 20.</p>

<p>Yeah, what whiteandnerdy said. Got the email right after I submitted my supplement.</p>

<p>Selection Calendar
December 1, 2009 - Supplemental Materials Form due.</p>

<p>December 2009 through January 2010 - The Robertson Scholars Program reviews Supplemental Materials Form and requests applications from Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill admissions. These forms supplement - but do not replace - applications to Duke and/or UNC - Chapel Hill.</p>

<p>January through February, 2010 - The Robertson Scholars Program reviews requested Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill admission applications as well as other applications forwarded by the two admissions offices.</p>

<p>End of February- Select students are invited to participate in phone conversations with the Robertson Scholars Program. We will only notify the students that advance to this stage of the selection process.</p>

<p>March 5-6, 2010-Select students participate in scheduled phone conversations with the Robertson Scholars Program.</p>

<p>March 7, 2010 - Finalists are invited to attend Finalists' Weekend on the Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill campuses. </p>

<p>April 10-13, 2010 - Finalists' Weekend</p>

<p>April 16, 2010 - Finalists notified of selection results. After our selection cycle, students will be invited to join the Robertson Scholars Program with the goal of enrolling 18 Scholars at Duke and 18 at UNC-Chapel Hill</p>

<p>May 1, 2010 - Deadline for students accepting the invitation from the Robertson Scholars Program</p>

<p>Thank you all for your feedback to my question.</p>

<p>I looked at the last year thread. They seem to have gotten it on the 20th. So, we should get it around then.</p>

<p>good luck everyone!! :)</p>

<p>This thread made me feel a lot better - I was worried that I hadn't heard anything beyond the confirmation email. Good luck everyone!</p>

<p>has anyone heard anything yet?</p>

<p>Nope, nothing here. People heard on the 20th last year, though.</p>

<p>nothing here. maybe they're trying to go for later this week.</p>

<p>Just talked to the Robertson's Scholars office...Notification should come by the end of this week. All the best!</p>

<p>I prefer programs/schools that have a given date for notifications so we have a specific time to look out for. Otherwise we are indefinitely suspended in limbo.</p>

<p>Just to confirm, notifications will be sent via snail mail, correct? And does anyone know if they'll be sent simaltaneously for those who also applied through Duke? I know that's a little out of place in this forum, but just thought I'd give it a shot</p>

<p>From what I remember reading on their web site, they contact you (I imagine either via email or phone call, as snail mail would be, well, slow) only if they want to phone interview you in early March (3/5-6). From this, about 100 finalists are invited to the Robertson Scholars Weekend in mid-April.</p>

<p>Thanks, Coquifrog!</p>

<p>anyone find out yet???</p>

<p>whats bad about robertson is they dont even tell you if you were rejected... only acceptees get e-mails and phonecalls!</p>

<p>nothing here yet</p>