Rollins Class of 2025

Starting thread and checking in. Son received his acceptance tonight. Go Tars!


Don’t you mind telling whether any merit-scholarship or financial aid was given?

Yes - the acceptance includes one of the merit aid packages as described on their scholarship page.

Congratulations on the acceptance! Does anyone know when RD comes out by any chance?

My daughter got RD acceptance last Friday afternoon.

My son was RD as well. He applied far before the RD deadline to try for Alfond scholarship.

Do you mind me asking when she applied by any chance? I completed my application on November 6 but i’m hoping I hear back soon since I applied to most of my other colleges EA.

She submitted it October 26th

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Hello. I was wondering if anyone received an Alfonds Scholar Weekend invitation yet. I had heard that they are generally issued towards the end of December. Thanks.

Hi! They had been selected by December 17.

Thank you. I guess if no invite has been received by now, it is a no go…lol. Thanks.

I’m not trying to doubt that statement, but are you sure it is the 17th? I read that on another topic chain but it was from 2-3 years ago. I’m doubting it will be done the same way and timeline as before because of Covid

Thanks for your answer.

I applied to the same college. My admissions counsellor said they met on December 16th to see whom to nominate and sent emails by December 18th. They chose 80 from 500 people. This is all what I know.

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Does anyone know when they are planning to send out the rest of the regular decisions? I am still waiting to hear back.

My daughter found out she was waitlisted yesterday. Kind of disappointing.

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The same happened with me as well, I’m hoping they at least get back to those who are waitlisted before may

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What are the students like at Rollins? My child got in to Rollins and we like it, but we haven’t actually been there due to the pandemic.

I have not had the chance to visit but a family friends daughter attends and she says that it’s a good college for those who thrive in a small classroom environment and the school has a close community like feel.

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