"Romantic" movies.

<p>The thread for good looking actors was fun- but we all have different taste ( I dont even know who some are) and it can't hold a candle IMO, to the multi-multi-page thread on the Tenclub message pit of " Pics where Eddie Vedder looks hot"

<p>I dont read romantic books ( I like non-fiction) , but sometimes I am in the mood for a romantic movie.
High- brow is my favorite.
A Room with a View
the French Lieutenant's Woman ( one of the first film's I saw as an " adult")
Unbearable Lightness of Being ( not just for Daniel Day Lewis fans)
( hmm they are all books- I guess I better not add The English Patient if I want to stick to my claim I don't " romance".</p>

<p>I haven't see the Time Travelers wife though- I liked the book- but the book is always better.

<p>I don't usually go for the romantic movies but I loved "The Holiday" with Kate Winslett and Cameron Diaz. More of a romantic comedy. It was sweet and satisfying like a Brownie Sundae when you really need one.</p>

<p>It's a piece of fluff, but I love You've Got Mail. It's got bookstores and New York City, so I can't help myself. :)</p>

<p>Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth--swoon! I also love Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley because of its beautiful original score.</p>

<p>My favorite movie of all time: Dr. Zhivago.</p>

<p>I just saw You've Got Mail again on TV a few weeks ago; it was great! Once again, however, I choked a little on the power imbalance of Tom Hanks screwing with Meg Ryan's head while he knew who she was but she didn't know who he was. But it's clearly one of the great date movies of all time.</p>

<p>My vote for most romantic movie ever goes to Before Sunrise. (And its sequel, Before Sunset is one of the least romantic movies ever. I think there should be a special rating for movies like that -- no one under 30 should be allowed to see them. Too much risk of emotional damage.)</p>

<p>Another fave romantic movie that I heartily recommend (and so do my kids, especially my son): Bollywood film Kal Ho Naa Ho. It's not typical Bollywood in that it all takes place in what is supposed to be NYC but looks a lot like Toronto, but it is typical Bollywood in its plot line of a love triangle among three friends, none of whom is remotely a bad guy, and its themes of fate, sacrifice, and accommodation. Great music and dancing, too! I no longer cry every time I see it, but I had to see it a lot before that happened.</p>

<p>I also really like The Year Of Living Dangerously. And Out Of Sight. And Four Weddings And A Funeral. And, although I'm not proud of it, An Officer And A Gentleman.</p>

<p>Shakespeare in Love</p>

<p>Dear John</p>

<p>The Notebook <-----really good one.</p>

<p>Runaway Bride.</p>

<p>I like
You've Got Mail
The American President</p>

<p>They all have a smart, intellectual heroine, with an infusion of politics or books.</p>

<p>How about Sliding Doors, an early Gwynyth Paltrow movie? </p>

<p>I don't think the *The English Patient *as a book was primarily about the romance, though the movie certainly was.</p>

<p>I've liked all the Austen productions - but in addition to the various versions of Pride and Prejudice<a href="including%20the%20original%20one%20with%20Lawrence%20Olivier%20as%20Darcy">/I</a> - how about *Persuasion? It's my favorite Austen book and the movie (1995) is very nice too. There's a 2007 TV version I haven't seen as well.</p>

<p>Speaking of Daniel Day Lewis and romantic movies :):</p>

<p>YouTube</a> - THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS - HQ Trailer ( 1992 )</p>

<p>It seems like the O.P. wants romantic movies to be like the romantic books women read. I'm no help with that. But, for those wanting a romantic film to enjoy with their significant other AND for him or her to enjoy it too:</p>

<p>My can't miss sleeper film: NEXT STOP WONDERLAND. My wife and I both adore this film. </p>

<p>BIG NIGHT (1996) Definitely not top-heavy with romance but romance and food mix well here. </p>

<p>A GOOD YEAR (2006) A film that didn't make it big upon release. Very European in style which may have hurt it at the U.S. box office. Feature Russell Crowe and Marion Cotillard (who I adore). </p>

<p>FALLING IN LOVE (1984) Admittedly, an extra-marital affair is a tougher sell as a romance film, but this succeeds. </p>

<p>BRIEF ENCOUNTER (1945) Old school film it may be and I don't smoke. But if I did I'd be lighting up after watching this one. </p>

<p>Better known films:</p>

<p>Love Actually (we watch this at least once a year)</p>

<p>Sleepless In Seattle</p>


<p>Roman Holiday</p>

<p>Brigitte Jones (too bad the sequel was so completely and utterly lame)</p>

<p>Jerry Mcguire</p>

<p>These aren't high-brow, but along with several already mentioned (including Pride and Prejudice, You've Got Mail, etc.), I love Casablanca, The Princess Bride, Singing in the Rain, West Side Story, On Golden Pond, and Just Like Heaven (a little-noticed Reese Witherspoon movie).</p>

<p>On the subject of extramarital affairs, I loved Same Time Next Year (with Alan Alda, I think).</p>

Funny and romantic.</p>

<p>Nothing more romantic than black and white
and my favorite (for the BEST make-out scene ever:)

<p>The movie isn't all about romance, but I have always had a soft spot for the Isak Dinesen/Denys Finch Hatton romance (Meryl Streep & Robert Redford) in Out of Africa. That scene where they are listening to the phonograph at night while on safari...</p>

<p>I loved "Sommersby" with Richard Gere and Jodie Foster</p>

<p>second "Next Stop Wonderland" and - for it's literary pretensions - Shakespeare in Love</p>

<p>but "MOONSTRUCK" takes the cake for me, because . . .
1- love is risk (Cher and Nick Cage)
2- know thyself (the Olympia Dukakis character)
3- "everthing is temporary"
4- since I'm Italian by marriage . . . la familgilia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>I forgot Dr Zhivago, that was one of my mom's favorites- but I think I was like 10 when I saw it.

<p>Cher- who is a fabulous actor- was wonderful in Mermaids ( with Bob Hoskins- such a hottie), and Moonstruck.</p>

<p>I also wouldn't consider The English Patient a romantic book- but I didn't read it until I saw the movie & liked the book better. ( but the hair washing scene came across better in the movie) <B- </p>

<p>Youve' got Mail, is a remake of The Shop around the Corner- neither of which I have seen, but I like James Stewart much more than I like Tom Hanks ( unfortunately after I saw Forest Gump- Hanks onscreen makes me grind my teeth).</p>

<p>I also haven't seen Before Sunrise- although it has been mentioned quite a bit because I normally don't care for Ethan Hawke either- but I should try it.</p>

<p>CtyYankee- I did see Big Night, in the theater and agree-
Besides Moonstruck food also is a character in
Tam Po Po
Like Water for Chocolate
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover ( with Helen Mirren, Michael Gambon)</p>

<p>I swoon for fantastic cinematography- which is why I like the English Patient so much despite the clunky bits in the story- but my absolute favorite movie is
Days</a> of Heaven.

Malick admired cinematographer Nestor Almendros' work on The Wild Child and wanted him to shoot Days of Heaven.[2] He was impressed by Malick's knowledge of photography and willingness to use little studio lighting. The two men modeled the film's cinematography after silent films, which often used natural light. They also drew inspiration from painters such as Johannes Vermeer, Edward Hopper (particularly his House by the Railroad), and Andrew Wyeth, as well as photo-reporters from the turn of the century.[2]


Gere and Shepard are kinda attractive too.

<p>"unfortunately after I saw Forest Gump- Hanks onscreen makes me grind my teeth)." were we separated at birth?</p>

<p>He seems like a nice person, but has to be the
LEAST sexy man on the planet.</p>

<p>NSM- you should try The Return of Martin Guerre' which Sommersby was a reworking of.</p>

<p>I do like Gere & Foster though.</p>

<p>When my H and I first were dating, there were lots of French romantic comedies playing locally-<br>
A Little Romance- is a very sweet movie- with Laurence Olivier & Diane Lane ( she was 14- & it wasn't Lolita- Olivier plays her grandpa)</p>