<p>While every school has them, I would suggest you google your school before accepting.
I have had friends that found out very interesting things (pedophile teachers, severe lack of safety, etc) about several schools which I will not name to not spread rumors. Only that when their parents checked with the schools, were told correct, but handled.<br>
But both of my friends ended up elsewhere because of serious concerns at the schools.</p>

<p>A school cannot be judged by a scandal itself, but by how they react to it.</p>

<p>my school is getting sued ... again</p>

<p>it's still one of the best day schools in the country, what happened 15 years ago doesn't affect the way it is now</p>

<p>funny thing is that in a nursery-->12 school I can count every male teacher on less than 10 fingers</p>

<p>how they respond is important. the response of the two i looked at poor</p>

<p>Also look at when these incidents happened. If 20 years ago, under different administration- different story.</p>