Sciences Po Berkeley 2020 Admissions

Hey guys, did anybody here applied to the program or received an interview ?
Feel free to start a discussion and post any comments !

Hi , I applied but did not receive an interview yet. Which campus did you apply to?

hey! I applied to Menton and am also waiting hopefully for an interview.

I also applied to Menton. Any idea when interviews will be? and do you know how many students will be called for an interview?

I don’t know, from what I’ve seen in past chats they invite you for interviews sometime in the next week and the interviews are a week or two after that, but this is pretty much just me guessing/making assumptions. I have no clue how many people will be called in for an interview

Thank you for your reply and good luck.

Does anyone know that if you get an invitation for an interview for Dual Degree Program does it means you have admitted to UC Berkeley?

I am not sure about that but if you are admitted to the dual BA overall you are also admitted to UC Berkeley. You can ask the admission office I think they can answer to this question, they are very friendly.

Did anyone have an interview?

I did! for the Le Havre campus. Still waiting for the results, fingers crossed

what kind of questions did they ask? Any current events ? or mostly why you wanna do the program?

I got my interview last week! I think most of you did as well but I am still going to answer @bbinsearch ’s question:
They asked me one question about current events. I said that I was really interested in Gender and Women Studies so they asked me about my point of view on the Me Too movement.
They mostly asked questions about my reasons for applying to this program (specifically Le Havre) and my goals.
I hope this helps.
Fingers crossed for each and every one of you, hope we will meet some day!!

Thank you , good luck

Did someone receive its results?

yes , i did .

I guys, I Will have the interview the next week, someone can tell me how the interview Is structured and how i should prepare me ?
Thank you very much