SCU Class of 2024 EA Decisions

Thought I would start this thread for the Class of 2024.

Son applied EA.

Stats: 1520, 3.8 UW GPA, Accounting Major, Some EC’s but not spectacular.

From what I have read on prior year threads, decisions should be out by 12/12 for EA applicants. Please post if you get notification along with some stats.

Son applied EA too.

Stats: 1580, 3.806 UW GPA, CS Major in Engineering school. 4 year varsity swimming and 4 year varsity waterpolo. Pretty much that’s it. Waiting anxiously.

@cowhorse, son has great stats! I would think that he is an automatic “accept” but there is so much randomness in college acceptances these days, it makes the waiting difficult. At least, we will find out by the 12th. Good luck!

@Whiskey6920, our kids have similar status. Best wishes to your son too! less than a week now. Almost.

Stats: 1560 SAT Superscore (760 EBRW/800 Math), and 1550 best Single Sitting; 3.8 U/W GPA (weighted barely over 4.0 though :/)

ECs: Editor-in-Chief of a school publication, I did some sports here and there but nothing too impressive (varsity soccer freshman year but quit as other commitments got in the way, one year JV track)

Stats: 36, 3.85 UW
Biochemistry major
ECs: 3 varsity sports, editor of research journal, research papers accepted for publication in research journal, something else that’s very unique but I don’t want to discuss it here (I wrote my personal statement about this too)

Are decisions still expected at around 3pm PST on tomorrow the 12th? Or is there a chance we get notified today

Just a guess but more likely Thursday if SCU follows the trends from past two years of releasing them on the 12th. Slight possibility of tomorrow being that the 12th was on Wednesday last year. However, I would guess Thursday since the common app was due on November 1 for the past few years. SCU likely is working from the same time frame of just under six weeks to review and issue decisions. Good luck!

Hey there! I applied to SCU early action with a 34 ACT and a 4.15 GPA. I have played varsity volleyball for four years, have interned at the University of Michigan, is a national merit student, work with a local climate advocacy group, and am editor-in-chief of yearbook and the literary magazine. I’m hoping for good news! My grandfather went to SCU and I plan on studying Environmental Studies and English there

D just accepted with email to check her portal. Good luck to everyone!

Update: Just got accepted!!

@Qwazzy1941 your daughter got accepted already? Congratulations!

I just got in!!

Yes, just got the email. EA Computer Science. She is thrilled.

I applied for Biochemistry and was admitted into the college of arts and sciences (was anyone else accepted directly into their majors, or does SCU not do that?)
1460 SAT, 4.0 UW GPA, 9 AP classes, no sports but 10 or so clubs, did summer research at my local state college with 5 grad students.
Good luck to everyone!!

Got in as a bio major.
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Just got rejected! It was a little bit of a reach so I’m not too surprised or broken up about it, though (even as a legacy). Congrats to all of you!

Got accepted into the school of engineering! i’m so happy my hands were literally shaking

Got accepted with the Presidential Scholarship! So excited!!!

Accepted!!! Leavey School of Business…still holding out for USC. Congrats to everyone else!!!