SDSU Admissions Class of 2026

DD22 looking to complete her application to SDSU this weekend!

@Gumbymom is there an existing 2026 thread? Couldn’t find it. Also, do you have any intel on how admissions decisions will be made this year?

I saw that Long Beach had devised a new Academic Index calculation and wondered about SDSU.

SDSU’s website link for application review: I Want to Apply | SDSU

GPA, HS course rigor, # a-g courses taken above the 15 minimum, local admission priority, emphasis on Math/Science course and grades for Engineering/CS majors.

They have not stated if they are calculating an academic index similar to CSULB or SJSU.


Thank you!

I’m new to this forum so I’m not sure if I should start a new thread for SDSU Admissions 2026 - or use this one.

My only D just applied to SDSU, so we don’t have any experience in the college applications or acceptance.

OOS- Northern VA top HS, 4.2 GPA- our school doesn’t give unweighted stats.
Gifted and talented program - All Honors classes since MS, 6 AP’s
5 years travel Volley Ball- 2 Years HS
AP - French & honor society for 2 years
Business, Advertising major

Do you think she has any chance at receiving an acceptance to SDSU? I’m really concerned after reading last years’ threads

Thanks for any feed back!

What is her major? What is her CSU GPA? You can calculate it using this tool:

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Thanks, I’ll pass this on to her to calculate.

Just an FYI: For the CSU GPA calculation, only AP/IB courses will get the extra weighting in the calculation since OOS Honors are not recognized by the CSU system. CSU’s cap the weighted points to 8 semesters of these approved courses taken 10-11th. In general, as an OOS applicant, a CSU Capped weighted GPA around 3.9+ has a good chance at an acceptance. OOS students are evaluated with other OOS students and not with in-state CA applicants.

Okay, thank you! I think I understand but I’m sure she be able to calculate. I suppose being evaluated within the pool of other OOS students could be a positive for her.

Okay, actually I don’t understand this system. How can she compete if she can’t add in her grades from her honors classes and she can’t use the grades that’s she’s taking AP classes as a Senior? Maybe I’m misunderstanding. She can only add grades on the that are from her AP’s from 10 & 11th grades, then hit calculate?

The system is fair because she’s being evaluated against other OOS candidates who have the same restrictions.

Even in California, some honors classes aren’t recognized by UC and aren’t weighted. This is the case for my daughter.

Finally, The CSU GPA is restricted to grades 10 and 11 and capped to 8 weighted class semesters. All look at the senior class schedule to determine rigor.

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She reports all grades for all classes 9-11th grades and then also lists in-progress Senior classes on the application. AP/IB classes are the only classes that get the 1 point honors bump in the GPA calculation.

She inputs all grades received for the CSU a-g courses taken 10-11th grades in the GPA calculator. For every semester of AP/IB courses taken 10-11th, she gets 1 extra honors point up to 8 semesters. If you or her are not sure, you can PM myself with her transcript and I can calculate out her CSU Capped weighted GPA.

Gumbymom is the CC world champion IMO. Her information and responsiveness amazes me. For those who have been around CC, you know her talent and value to these discussions. For the newbies, please pay full respect to the most knowledgeable, free, college counselor you will ever interact with-Gumbymom!!!


Do you think I have a good chance of getting into SDSU for the class of 2026?
UC/Cal State GPA: 4.0
6 AP classes
4 year varsity sport
2 years- 15 hours per week job
4 clubs
3 years ASB
In State Resident
Intended major: Environmental Science
Had work experience related to major

SDSU is my dream school

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I would say you have a solid chance at SDSU. Your GPA is at the average for admitted students and Environmental science had a 48% acceptance rate for 2021 applicants.

Best of luck.

Thank you! Another SDSU requirement question. I know the UC’s require a min of art class, which my D figured out and is taking as a senior. Is the requirement the same for the CSU system? And will it be okay that she’s taking as a Senior?

Yes, the CSU’s have a 1 year art requirement and it is fine she is taking it Senior year. As long as she listed the class as in-progress/planned, everything is good.

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Thank you! Here is to hoping some early acceptances come out this week!! Sending good “acceptance vibes” out from Virginia.

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@Gumbymom do you think the December acceptance notifications will be delayed because SDSU extended its application deadline?

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SDSU extended their application deadline last year but started posting early admission decisions on December 18th, so hopefully they will do the same this year.