SEAP 2021 Applications Statuses/Discussion

which CA labs did you apply to?

Monterey was my first choice, forgot about the second haha. You?

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Pendleton and Corona, still no responses tho rip

no response also means no rejection so look on the bright side

lmAO yeahhhhhh :slight_smile:

did you apply to any other programs?

Has anyone heard back yet?

nop :frowning:

Aren’t apps due March 15?

Also, does it look weird on college apps if you do this as a non-underrepresented kid? They have a few sites that anyone can apply to, regardless of gender/ethnicity, but I want to make sure that prestige value isn’t lowered because of this.

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Why would prestige be lowered because you had work experience in a relevant field?

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No, SEAP and AEOP are two different things. This thread is for SEAP which is run by the Navy. The one you’re referring to is AEOP (which is due in March) and is run by the Army. SEAP applications were due in November 2020.

Also, you’re already going to know where you’re going to university/college by the time this rolls around. what’s the issue here?

Because the work experience was easy to get?

If possible, can we keep this thread just for SEAP only? Please create a different thread if you want to discuss AEOP.

And for my son, still no updates received on SEAP.

Agreed. Please keep AEOP + SEAP threads separate.

The same goes for me. I didn’t receive any interviews/follow-ups either. I think we still gotta wait 4-5 more weeks unfortunately

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Is Seap a good program? I know it offers a stipend which means it is pretty good. Is it associated with any school?

I know this is the wrong thread, but some people here are also applying to AEOP and I have an urgent question:

On the AEOP application it asks for NCES school code. However, the links they provide to find this information do not work.

Has anyone run into the same issue? If so, what did you do?

You can just google your [your high school name] + nces/federal school ID.

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Alright, thanks.

Btw, has anyone gotten a decision deadline or been offered? (I’m starting to get a little worried)

Not yet I applied to two cali labs haven’t heard anything.

Ahhh, not liking the number of applicants for Cali labs…my odds aren’t looking great!