SEAP 2021 Applications Statuses/Discussion

What has the overall acceptance rates for SEAP been in the past?

In the contract description/requirements/what have you, it’s written that (like on the site) approximately 300 students will be accepted, and that they anticipate 1500 applications. Not sure about numbers beyond that with any certainity.

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Hi Guys!

I was accepted and reside in Hampton Roads. I received my acceptance letter on the 9th of February and had to have all of my paperwork returned a few weeks later.

Anyone else accepted in Hampton Roads, VA!?

Congrats!!! I also applied to Hampton Roads, but have not heard back yet (prob rejected). But I’m not too bummed out about it, as I got another (non SEAP) offer a couple days ago.

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Do you think all SEAP applicants will be informed either way, if they will or will not get the internship?

Yeah it’s on their website that they will let both recipients and non recipients know.

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Anybody hear back from any cali labs?

Has anyone heard back from a Philly lab?


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anyone head back from Washington, DC? or Monterey, CA?

I just got my not accepted letter

got a full on rejection email at 4:11

Just got my rejection :neutral_face:

Same for my son, received rejection letter this afternoon.
Now, I hope this is not the same result that he will get for the DoD SMART scholarship :open_mouth: He had 2 interviews with 2 facilities (same ones he chose for SEAP). SMART will release results by “April”.

Curious if anyone here got accepted for SEAP internship?

Hi, Sorry If I’m late but If I want to apply for the summer 2022 internship, when is that? I’m having a rough time trying to find the information.
Application is open thru Nov 1 for summer 2022.
My 16 year old did the program in Groton, CT this summer. Great experience. Good luck!