Seeing your kid's name in the credits....

<p>Today was the first time we've seen that in a major, major movie. It was very exciting and the movie itself was excellent! I can't believe the theater was so full even for a 1:00pm matinee on a weekday. Woohoo.</p>

<p>yep dad pat your back!!
now I am an official meanie (are you following "launch" thread?)
cherish the moment til you'd start worrying whose name came out before whose and/or the size of font pt.
it is bank/school holiday, easy let's go see movie day for older kids, you know, heheheh</p>

<p>long time ago before my kid was born, entire community did go see this movie because friend's sibs are involved making it, big brother producer, little brother production assistant. big brother's name was bigger and sooner, baby brother's name was small and toward the end of its credits run.
we sat, waited with total excitement. the film was not huge but OK hit and later developed some cult following that gave my kid bragging right.
"yeah, someone I know made that. yeah, I met him, he is like...."
every time new edition of DVD would come around, you will relive that excitement.
too bad most movie goers would get up and leave to beat crowd to the bathroom or the parking lot.
I love hearing and seeing listing of music, site of locations, special thanks to, how credits are laid out, how fast or slow it goes, little bonus images comes with it when you are lucky... sometimes after everything is done, like a little curtain call.
Stay till the very end, folks. Don't miss all those someone's S and D's dad mom siblings firneds' names, who are loved and cared by someone who might or might not touch your life somehow some time. you never know.</p>

<p>Congratulations, digmedia! I know you must be very proud.</p>

<p>Congrats! Must be very exciting.</p>

<p>So exciting. Congratulations!</p>

<p>Thanks, all. Even though his was in amongst what seemed like hundreds of other names, it was still fun to see it. And we also recognized the names of several of his friends as well.</p>

<p>The film, Real Steel, was very good, if a bit schmaltzy. The heart of the story is the building of the relationship between the Hugh Jackman character and his son Max. The plot is predictable, but the craftsmanship of the film manipulates you so well that you'll find tears in your eyes at the (happy) ending.</p>

<p>I recommended it for family viewing, but there was one scene where some people came to collect a debt and severely beat up the Hugh Jackman character. It was no rougher than what we see on TV every night - and certainly less scary than the Harry Potter franchise. I saw one Dad take his two young boys out of the theater during that scene. So, for the young kids, it might not be appropriate. It's rated PG-13, which seems just right.</p>

<p>Congrats, digmedia! You must be very proud of your kiddo.</p>

<p>Bears, we always still til the end!</p>

<p>That's fabulous! We sit and watch all the credits and go "hey, that's gonna be you someday!!" Congrats!</p>

<p>That is so exciting. We have a friend whose name shows up from time to time and we get chills for him, so I can only imagine how you must feel!</p>

<p>Grats to you Dig!!! and of course Bigger Grats to your DS!!</p>

<p>Congratulations to Digimedia and your son! All of his hard work and talent are paying off. Now I gotta go watch the movie.</p>

<p>That's so exciting! I hope this is just the beginning....</p>

<p>Two updates: First, Real Steel is in the final 15 for the Visual Effects Oscar. They'll narrow the list to 10 in early January, then chose the final five nominees. There is EXTREMELY stiff competition (e.g., Scorsese's Hugo and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, where the motion-capture work with Andy Serkis is unbelievably great.</p>

<p>Second, my son's college magazine wrote a nice article about him and his friend ("the real men behind Real Steel):" Ampersand</a> Fall 2011</p>

<p>He was one of dozens and dozens of people working on the vfx, but of course to me, it's HIS name that stands out in the credits... :D</p>

<p>exciting! Congrats, dig!</p>

<p>Another update brag: A film he is doing the vfx for is headed to Sundance next month: John Krasinski's Nobody Walks. This is the second film he's worked on that went to Sundance!! Woohoo... (sorry, all - can't help it)</p>

<p>Hi Dig, Double congrats!! How very exciting; please continue to give us updates and don't feel as though you are bragging!</p>

<p>digmedia--so awesome! I read the article and loved the part where the guys are now making $$. :) You deserve to be proud.</p>

<p>To those annoyed by these shameless brags, please stop reading. Otherwise.... Two of the films on which my son worked on the visual effects (just one of a huge team) are still on the short list (now down to 10 films) for visual effects Oscar nominations. Near the end of the month, the five nominees will be chosen.</p>

<p>Very exciting, digmedia!</p>

<p>I actually got to see my son's name on the credits in a theater in September. He was an intern on the film and he's just a HS senior, but I was thrilled nonethless.</p>

<p>Ohio Mom: What was the film? And in what position did he intern? I hope to have the same thrill this March when a film my son worked on comes out. He was a camera intern, and is also a high school senior.<br>
By the way, I have had the pleasure of meeting Digmedia's son in person.... he is a terrific young man! I am thrilled for both him and his Dad.</p>