Semmes Scholarship

Have invites to interview for the Semmes Scholarship gone out yet?

We were wondering the same thing. We haven’t received word yet but I believe we should by February 1st.

I called today and was told all notifications will be out by the end of next week. They will notify everyone that applied if they are a finalist or not.

Last year I was surprised when my son wasn’t invited to participate in the Semmes Scholarship. ACT: 36 ,reading 36 language, 35 science, 35 math, 57 hours of dual credit, 4.57 weighted GPA, and 2 summers of research experience. After attending the Trinity Towers day, I realized the AMAZING students that attend Trinity. One of the winners of last years award, started working on a cure to a specific cancer her Freshman year in high school, and had great success! Throughout her high school career, she worked on her cure, which is now used to treat this specific type of cancer.

The reason I am noting this information is to point out how wonderful Trinity University really is for students in STEM and research related fields. If you are not invited to participate, know you are still a super star. My son was wait listed at Rice, and selected Trinity University. He will tell you it is the BEST decision of his life.

Even if you are not invited to compete for the Semmes Scholarship, you will most likely be invited to compete for the Towers Scholarship. Enjoy the ride and realize Trinity University is an exceptional place for any student to attend.

What an awesome post, @DisneyMom99! Wondered if and when students were notified to compete–have read pieces here and there about the experience about the day itself, but hadn’t heard if this year’s kiddos had been chosen or not thus far. My son is so excited to attend Trinity and will study Engineering Science, so reading your post just made me smile even bigger for him.