Sending AP scores and other questions

Hey all. I got AP scores today and I was kinda dissapointed with myself:

AP Lang - 4
AP Comp Sci A - 5
AP Chem - 4

Now obviously these are great scores in general, if I weren’t applying to uber competitive schools this would be fantastic. I am, however, applying to ivies and other top schools like MIT and CMU, some of which only accept 5s as credit. Are these 4s worth reporting when applying to such schools?

Also, I needed to get a 5 on APUSH or Chem (in relation to the other classes im taking next year and overall amount of ap credits i can get) to get the kind of credit i wanted at a few schools, so if I’m going to get that credit, now I have two options.

Option A: Retake Chem and/or APUSH with some more preperation

Option B: Self study for an AP Exam. The ones that would help would be: Psych, Macro/Micro, and Physics C: Mechanics (I’m taking physics 1 and 2 next year anyway).

I’ve had some people tell me Option A and others tell me Option B w/ Psych. I was kinda leaning towards Option B with Physics C but I’d like to hear what you guys have to say.

I think 4s are really good and should be reported.

Retaking courses like APUSH or chem seems like it would be tiring and repetitive. I mean you already spent an entire school year learning this material and going back to it for another year sounds painful. I would get it if you had gotten a 1 or 2 and wanted to retake for a 5, but a 4 seems good enough.

Personally, I think you should probably stick with option B and self study psych since it’s apparently really easy. And go ahead and do physics if you’re up for it too. Good luck!