Seoul National University Admitted International Students

Hey everyone! I’m a high school student in the U.S. and was just admitted to SNU for undergrad! I was wondering if there are any other international students who were admitted on college confidential. I’m planning on double majoring in Linguistics and Korean Language and Literature, how about you guys? Also where are you from? :smiley:

To be honest I just wanted to say hi to people haha

And how are people feeling about going to university in Korea? Excited? Nervous? Considering your other options?

Hi! I’m very interested in applying to SNU, (I’m a high school senior), and I actually want to pursue learning Korean language! Have you had previous experience living in Korea or speaking Korean before being accepted to SNU? I have a few more questions if you have the time to answer them :slight_smile:

@rory2000 Out of curiosity what was your test score results?