Seoul National University (please help!)

Hello guys. I’m a 4th year high school student (completely non-korean) and I’m planning to apply for Fall 2017 Semester
Computer Science at SNU.

My GPA: 3.5
IELTS score: 6

And I have 2 honor certificates from high school (which is given for high grades)

I’m a Lions Club member (Leo) and I have been in Australia with Lions Youth Exchange Program.
I have also joined Harvard Model United Nations.

AP and IB courses are not offered in our country and I did not take SAT because it is not required for SNU admissions
(SAT is not easily reachable in our country)

I’m meeting all the requirements that have been set by SNU.

Can you help me about the applications? Thank you!

Hey! Did you apply? I’m planning to apply for Spring 2018. I could really use some help too

Hey puntatv

Yes, I applied both for SNU and Korea University but I have been rejected. But I had so many problems about application fee payment during the application. A system called “Activex” is being used in Korean application system and I couldn’t manage to run it on any computer. As a result, my documents arrived in universities and they reject me. I will apply for fall 2018 semester again. I hope you won’t have the same problems…

Hi, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing difficulties. Since you’re applying to Korean universities again, I would recommend applying to Yonsei University, Sokang University, and Ewha Women’s University (if you’re a girl) as well. These are all very prestigious schools in Korea and have many international students.Yonsei University in particular is very good at accommodating students from foreign countries. Good luck with SNU and KU!