Should CAEP Accreditation (for Education Majors) be a factor in selecting College?

We are in VA. D20 interested in Elementary Education.

UMW, CNU, W&M, Radford and Longwood on D20s list (based on stats and fit) - already accepted at UMW, Radford and Longwood - still waiting to hear from CNU (borderline match/reach) and W&M (reach school).

UMW currently a top pick; however, UMW is NOT CAEP accredited…only accredited by the Virginia Department of Education.

All others…W&M, CNU, Radford* and Longwood are all CAEP accredited.

*Radford University’s Teacher Preparation Programs are currently going through the process of obtaining accrediation through the CAEP.

So…what exactly are the pros/cons of graduating from a CAEP accredited school with a B.S.Ed. in Elementary Education and Teaching??

Where does she hope to start her career? If she knows that, the people who hire for that district will be able to tell her if CAEP matters.

Curious to know if you found out more information since this post is from a while ago. My DD with a B/B+ average is a rising senior and is looking at many of the same schools for early elementary Ed. Wants to attend a smaller school in VA. Any input is appreciated.

@Mom0ftwo - here is response from one of DD’s teachers:

“CAEP accreditation is provided by an entity that ensures institutions are not diploma mills. You can look it up online; US Department of Education. Candidates go through a US state to obtain a teaching license. I don’t think it matters, but I would certainly trust MWU to know what is best.”