Should DS apply for computer science or math wkh computer science

My son is genuinely interested in math and is taking HL Math in IB and also interested in computer science - programming and application aspect of it
He wants a major in math
We want to make sure he gets a marketable degree in 4 years and so want advising him to go for applied math and computational science
Is that a good major?

Just as a fyi, be aware that computational science is NOT computer science. Does he like business/economics/statistics? If so, let him major in math and he can become an actuary. If he goes the applied math route, he should be using it to explore stem/engineering/physics-related fields to get a master’s in. Computer science is the study of algorithms and is debatably the most in-demand degree to receive because computer science will define the future (tbh the true answer is just the high salary). Also, Computer Science is basically a branch of mathematics and is quite literally discrete math. The only field more mathematical than computer science (this includes physics) is math itself. Computational science, on the other hand, is using computers to simulate environments and to develop models. Computer Science makes the algorithms used in computational science. Also as a note, I am most definitely biased because I myself am applying as a computer science major (math is my fav subject as well) to colleges. Also, if he wants to do theoretical math just let him do it. He may not make 6 figures but theoretical mathematicians love what they do. Who knows, he may invent a new form of calculus.

(Stats from
Actuary: $102,880 per year
Computer Science: $118,370 per year
Computational Science: $97,420 per year
Mathematician (not theoretical): $88,190 per year

If he likes math, there’s plenty of it in a computer science degree. Essentially, it’s a degree in “applied math” and “computational science.” And it’s very marketable. The funny thing about computers is how diverse it is. Most CS graduates end up in IT jobs and make a prosperous career never looking at a math problem. It’s not without it’s irony.