Should I take AP Physics?

So I am currently a sophomore and I don’t know whether or not to take Ap Physics. I am on STEM path at school, however I don’t want to do engineering. I am not really sure what I want to do, but would it be good just take the class to make my transcript look good to colleges or should I just save myself and take regular Physics?

What is your background and what are your objectives?

I’ve you’ve been in honors track courses, doing very well in them, then AP Physics (1, I assume) is a natural next step in the sequence. If you are aiming at more competitive colleges, it will look better on your transcript.

If your history is core courses, and Physics/Science isn’t an area of strong interest, regular Physics and stretching yourself in other areas of more interest is fine.

Your teachers/counselor/parents would have a better view on your performance and can provide advice and guidance based on a long history of students in similar situations. Talk with them.

I wish it’s was the case that the counselors would be more help, but they pretty useless when it’s comes to this stuff. I’m already going to take honors pre calculus, dual credit English and us history, aerospace engineering, business, and softball. I’m doing well in pre ap chem rn, however it’s a struggle sometimes