Signing in...just about every time.

@CCadmin_Sorin I have to sign in to this site just about every time I come here. If I switch from my iPad to my iPhone, I definitely have to do the full log in again.

I click “remember me” every single time. What exactly is this site remembering if it’s not me!

Why do I have to log in so frequently. This is a somewhat recent development.

Anyone else?

Similar issue using an Android phone. A red sign in button frequently pops up throughout the day. Remember me is always checked. But it doesn’t take me through a complete login process. Once I hit the red sign in then I’m back to the last page I was viewing here.

Me too but this existed before all the “enhancements” done last year.

This used to happen to me as well…but seemed to reduce. Recently…like in the last couple of weeks, I have had a huge uptick in needing to log in (with email and password).

If this site really doesn’t “remember me” at all…why bother with that little box to check off??

Practically every time I have to sign in. And I always check the remember me box.

I’m on an IPad as I’ve never gotten the site to allow me to sign in on my iPhone since the change. Says something like, “doesn’t recognize email address”, which, obviously, is the same address I use to sign in on my IPad every fricking time.

I’m having to sign in constantly.

We have increased the “keep me logged in” period to 30 days so hopefully this gets corrected.

I had to sign in this morning after doing so last night.

Me, too. Still at least every other day.

I don’t have to sign in all that often on my laptop, but I cannot sign in on the tablet. I think it has to do with my not having to change my password when the ‘big change’ came. I don’t know why, but I didn’t.

It doesn’t bother me enough to do anything about it. I don’t use my tablet that much.

I’ve had to sign in on my iPhone using email and password at least twice this week. So…if this site is “remembering me” for 30 days…something is off.

My iPhone has my signing in multiple times per day.

The dev team has identified this issue on mobile and is working to fix it.

Thank you.

Yes, it is all happening to me. I also have issues when I click on a thread I want to read and it glitches, then I have to find the title again and read. I also use my IPAD. I have written out a thread detailing all this in Parent’s Cafe also, before being directed here.

This has become incredibly frustrating. I mainly use my iPad to access CC. I typically just close the window when I’m done so next time I go to CC, I open a new window and log in.

Once logged in, I usually start on Parents Forum. However, then when I click on Parents Cafe, it acts as if I’m not logged in and makes me log in again. It has become more and more frequent that this happens. Sometimes it happens when I toggle from one thread to another within the same forum.

And in the last day or so, I’ve had a blank light gray box at the bottom of the page with an X in the top right corner that does not go away unless I close out the box by clicking on the box. Again, so annoying that nearly every time I click on a new thread or page, I have to close the stupid blank box at the bottom of the page.

Anyone else having these same problems and is anyone still monitoring this forum for questions? (I see multiple unanswered questions on the “changes to our log in” thread or whatever it’s titled).

Same here. I’m pretty tired of the box ad at the bottom of the screen when I’m logged in.

Same here. All the glitches are so annoying. I’m tired of complaining and none have been fixed.

Guys, the tech team informed me that this should be fixed now. I personally did not experience this issue in the last few days, but please let me know if it’s still happening for you.

Unless it was fixed in the last hour, I had to sign in almost every time earlier this morning.