Site very sluggish

Maybe it’s only me….but this site has been very sluggish the last two days. Long wait times for posts to post, sometimes have to save to a draft and come back later. Just slow.

Anyone else.


No, not here.

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Everything ok here too.

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I’ve noticed some sluggishness too. But I think it’s on my end since I’ve noticed on some other sites as well. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Okay here as well.

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For what it’s worth, I don’t see any problems on our servers in the last few weeks.

If the problem persists, could you check on a different network? (For instance, I sometimes have problems on my WiFi and it goes away when I switch to cell service.)


That’s good news! I took a quick look at things and don’t see any issues.

It’s working OK now! I’ll take a screen shot the next time the thing spins around…

We believe that the thing is spinning, but next time it happens, see what you find out from

My guess is that something is flooding your network or bogging down your machine.

Well…not likely. No one here does gaming. If something is slowing down my network…it’s the network.

Maybe I need to clear my cache!

It happens. It’s my best guess.

It was happening to me as well. I logged on (PC) and the site wouldn’t load. I eventually closed, then reopened, my browser and everything was fine. It has happened 2-3x this week…

@lkg4answers same.

I should add…this was the only site that had these issues. If it was my network, one would think everything would be sluggish. It wasn’t.

Same. Also, the loading issue happens on both my home as well as my office computer. It happens on both Chrome as well as Firefox.

@CC_Jon and @CC_Jay Both Firefox and Chrome have been super slow and unable to connect when I try to log on. This has been happening since Wednesday (today is 3rd day). The small blue circle spins and spins atop a white screen with 5-6 horizontal colored dots. I can open other websites and browse on my computer without any problem. Eventually I just close the browser and re-open it and I am logged on with no problem.

Edit to add that this happens after I enter my email and PW. I logged off after my previous session and was trying to log on again. After I close the browser and re-open it, I am logged on as if I hadn’t logged out. My credentials must have logged me on but the site was unable to open.

I’ve been having issues the last few days too. Safari.

Glad I’m not the only one!

I will say…it’s working fine for me now…and I did absolutely nothing on my end to make a change.