SJSU Class of 2026 - Regular Decision

Thank you. Keeping fingers crossed for the past 10 days…

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When should one apply for housing? When does housing open up? Does anyone here have experience with freshmen SJSU housing?

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Did anyone get a decision that is called a redirection

Son got rejected for CS. (CSU GPA=4.2). Future applicants note, SJSU did not consider alternate major MIS for which his GPA exceeded the impaction index.

When was he notified? I hope he gets positive news from other schools.

I believe in mid/late April. Then you won’t find out assignment until July. Right now they have priority housing registration for returning residents.

If you are a first-time freshman, upper-division transfer student or an**Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) student** applying to the CSU and you are a California resident for tuition purposes, CSU-eligible and have not been admitted to any CSU to which you applied, there is the chance that the campus(es) you applied to don’t have the capacity to admit more students.
If this happens, you will be redirected to an alternate CSU campus. This is called *redirection.*​
Applications who have been accepted to at least one CSU campus will not be redirected.
Redirection occurs after all campuses report their admission decisions for a given semester to Cal State Apply. For fall admission, this will be after April 5th​.
Eligible applicants who have not been admitted to any CSU campus(es) to which they applied because of a lack of capacity are then identified. Each student will then be contacted by email; the email will include instructions. When you receive the email, you will need to go to Cal State Apply and in the Supporting Information section under Redirection ​​select a first- and a second-choice campus. Available alternate campuses are based on campus capacity.
After you have identified a first- and a second-choice campus, your application to the CSU will be redirected to your first-choice campus unless​ that campus has run out of capacity. To ensure your application is redirected to your first-choice campus, respond to the email as quickly as possible.
You will be sent a notification by email confirming the redirection.

The campus you’ve been redirected to will appear in your Cal State Apply account on the “Check Status” page. You will next be contacted by the redirected campus about the next steps in the process. Read the FAQ​ to find answers to common questions.
Frequently Asked Questions About Redirection | CSU

No issues, he probably wants to study a combination of CS and Business. He has admissions to UCSC and UCR.

Wish SJSU was more transparent about when they consider alternate major and when they do not. Maybe this information exists and we were unaware.

When was he notified? My son is still waiting to hear.

Not sure. He saw it today and showed something like Deny/Redirection. As a parent i do not usually have access to his portal.

Got “Deny/Redirection” to 4.25 GPA + 4.0 (or 4.5 weighted) for SW Engineering now. Unable to understand what went wrong. 4.25 was the number appeared as “Calculated GPA” in the application portal after entering the course work. Applied to SJSU as its admission process appeared to be very straight forward, with no essays or subjective stuff. It is very disappointing…

Did you calculate your impaction index for SE and did you meet or beat the threshold? They only consider the Capped weighted CSU GPA (maximum 4.4) not fully weighted.

If your CSU GPA is 4.25 and you have perfect 4.0 UWGPA on all your 10-11 math classes, then you should be at 5000 which will put you above the 4920 SE threshold. If your GPA is accurate, then definitely reach out to SJSU and ask them why you are being redirected.

Are you sure you applied to SE and not CS? Someone else on this thread thought their D applied to CS but had actually applied to SE.


Also, does the level of math matter? For example, if he had Math 2 and Math 3 during 10-11 grades is that evaluated the same as someone who had precalculus and AP calculus in 10-11 grades? No judgement, just an honest inquiry.

I wouldn’t think so. The CSU GPA with 8 honors points is supposed to account for rigor.

Thank you for the replies.
In the completed CSU application, under “The High School GPA” the calculated GPA showed was 4.25, which was also the same GPA as calculated through the CSU website. Since the math component wasn’t there for CS and SE had the better chance, we made sure to chose SE. Since there was no number in the message, we don’t know what our impaction index score was or how it was calculated.

Impaction index calculation is here: Impaction | Admissions

Impaction index for SE is 4920.

Call or email them. That’s the only thing to do at this point.

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S22, Deny/Redirection from CS too. Four year 4.0 (or 4.5weighted), Math is taking highest level in his school, now is calculus BC, 8AP all 5, SAT 1580, NMS, even take a AP at zero period for junior year. Academically, top in his high school, Cannot ask more from him. Unbelievable.

So Sorry to hear but I believe he was meant for greater things or in this case a better school as a CS a major. I am positive, he will have some wonderful options in the end. Best of luck.

Also just to be clear, SJSU does not consider NMS status, AP scores and SAT scores. Unfortunately it comes down to the CSU Capped weighted and the Impaction index.

If he feels strongly about SJSU, then he should definitely appeal the decision. Perhaps if everyone that is denied sent in an appeal, they may consider changing how they determine their acceptances in the future??