SJSU Class of 2026 - Regular Decision

Not sure if this helps, but I got my decision yesterday, conditionally admitted to alt major (I applied to animation program) as OOS transfer

Son has a conditional admit for CS. We are pretty far out of the loop because we had no idea the bar is set so high at a Cal State.

At SJSU, only a small number of majors have very high thresholds this year (e.g. computer science, animation, pre-nursing, software engineering, computer engineering, aviation). A very large number of majors have this year’s thresholds of 2080, equivalent to a 2.6 (CSU recalculated) HS GPA.


If my son did not meet the threshold points needed for his major (Business Marketing 2800pts) or alternate major (Business Mgmt 2720 pts), is it too late to change to an alternate major that requires lower impaction pts or undeclared (2000pts)? We haven’t received a rejection letter yet. How to make this change if possible?

No, you cannot change majors at this late of date.


Is admission solely based on meeting the impaction index threshold or would they also consider other factors such as if you were working part-time or had many hours in extracurricular if you are below the threshold? Just wondering if there could be other miracle factors or should we consider other options at this point? Son’s other options’ housing app is opened, but SJSU is his first choice. Thanks!

If you are truly under the impaction score the chances of an admit are very slim. If you are short by 10-20 points may be there is chance if yield falls more than expected. I would plan for a rejection and proceed further on other options. If SJSU comes through later you could always take that option then.

I would also double check your calculations and see if you may be eligible for bonus points (local, first gen etc )

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Here is a chart of the supplemental factors that each CSU takes into account for their admission review. I do not see anything beyond what is listed on their impaction index calculation page.


I didn’t get my decision back yet for software engineering, do I still have a chance? Or am I basically rejected?

Did you calculate your Impaction Index and if so, do you meet or exceed this year’s threshold of 4920?

You should have your answer if you did the calculation and comparison. Did you list an alternate major?

We have 4.0uw gpa and 4.57 w gpa, the portal says it is still in process.

The maximum CSU GPA of capped weighted is 4.4. You should calculate your CSU GPA then the impaction index.

I exceeded the threshold of 4920 and I have a 5072. 4.09x800 + 4.5x400

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The only caveat to your math. No one really knows whether the math component is calculated on an unweighted scale or not. The more conservative assumption would be 4.09 x 800 + (UW math GPA) x 400

I agree with @ucscuuw that SJSU does not spell out if the Math GPA is weighted or unweighted. This may be the reason for the delay in your decision.

Wouldn’t that give an advantage to those who did not take rigorous math courses in high school?

Got 4.25 CSU GPA + 4.0 (conservative math GPA or 4.5 weighted) - still did not get any status change for this non-local California resident applicant for any Engineering. The CSU GPA as it computed and appeared in their portal during the application process in November.

In your case, I’m pretty sure it will be an admit. There may be some backlog and not everyone has gotten the updates.

I am assuming in your calculation, the 4.5 is the Math GPA. Unless SJSU spells out the Math GPA calculation, how do you know it is not capped at 4.4 like the CSU GPA or truly unweighted?

Yes, if the Math GPA is unweighted vs. weighted, the advantage of having a rigorous HS schedule would only be reflected in the CSU Capped weighted GPA.

You might want email or call SJSU admissions and ask these questions.

of course. Thanks for the help.