SJU 2024

Just thought I’d make a thread to discuss the admissions process and decisions once they come out in December!

The portal says EA decisions will be posted on 12/20. Good luck to all!

I got an email on Tuesday saying my decision would be available on Saturday morning!!

Does anyone know if they will release potential merit packages at the same time as decisions?

Good luck to everyone!

Got accepted Early Action this morning! Awarded the Presidential Scholarship ($24,500)

Anyone know how you apply for the Dean Scholarship?

Son accepted EA this AM and received Presidential Scholarship for $28k per year.

Congrats! That is terrific news! Would you mind sharing your stats, gender and home state or a close approximation?

Son accepted EA with $15,500 scholarship. Live in the DMV, SAT 1390, GPA 3.4 though past year and a half its been over a 4.0. Rough sophomore year!

Would love to hear from others with recent insights on the school.

Congrats to your son! Wow that is a great award. Do you think he’ll accept? Would you mind sharing his stats?

1330 SAT, 3.48 UW/4.17W GPA, Female, live in Maryland

30 ACT, 99 Average (cumulative), Eagle Scout, four years of sports (x2) and theater. NJ resident. Very happy but we will see how the other packages shape up.

My son got accepted into the business school with a University Scholarship. We can’t wait to visit the school. From DC area.

Has anyone heard whether or not SJU is generous with financial aid packages? The merit is great and very appreciated but the COA is still high.

NY son accepted EA on 12/14/19 - applied 10/27/19
SJU Opportunites scholarship 12k
1220 SAT/24 Act
3.0 IB/AP/Honors
EC: Esports, Theatre Crew, Model UN, Trivia Club, Special Buddies volunteer

It is my understanding that they are no longer offering the Dean’s scholarship.

Son admitted on 12/15 EA. Applied 10/30. Accepted to Business w/Univ. Scholarship. Stats just above the St. Joes average. In-State.

Wow so no more full rides from saint Joes that’s disappointing

I have a question about the meal plan for freshman year… does anyone know if all freshmen are required to purchase the unlimited access meal plan??