Skidmore Class of 2025 -- Regular Decision

hi!! just wanted to create this for when that time rolls around… Skidmore’s my #1 but for financial reasons, I ultimately decided to apply RD


Hi!! Does anyone know when decisions may be out?

The projected admission letter release date is April 1st although this is subject to change. Best of luck

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Hi. Daughter very interested in Skidmore. I went through the Skidmore RD 2024 thread and it seemed that some with scholarships notified by phone in very early March but the bulk found out mid-March. Seems too if you needed a lot of financial aid even more competitive. This waiting is so hard!

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hi everyone! do you know if skidmore tracks demonstrated interest?

Yep! Attend webinars and schedule an interview if you can (-:

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It’s March 12th… Anyone hear anything from Skidmore RD yet? Hate the waiting! Hoping soon!

Not yet! I heard from an admissions officer in January that their goal was to release them today but if not, they would definitely be out by March 15. Has anyone heard anything else?

Thanks, @collegenerd707 . I guess we wait until Monday! Good luck!

Do you know if Skidmore will post a time as for when I can check my decision? If so, will you please let me know as soon as possible? I am tired of waiting and I want to know whether or not I got in. Also, is it conformed that decisions will come out for Regular Decision applicants on March 15. Can you please check and let me know. I will definitley check Monday, but I am just eager to know.

I was told decisions are coming “next week” but not any specific day.

When you say “next week”, do you mean the week of March 15 or the week of March 22? I was wondering because I am just done with this waiting for a decision. Can you please let me know?

Oops, misread

Was told last week that decisions would be released "next week” so I expect them sometime this week.

I would expect it this week. Last week Skidmore’s IG announced free shipping on apparel & merchandise from 3/15-3/20.


What day this week should I expect to get a decision from Skidmore? I was thinking early this week, but let me know if you hear anything different.

I would expect them to be out early this week. Some people are saying later tonight. ED decisions came out around 8pm est.

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I will check back later. Can you please let me know when you get a decision for Skidmore so that I can check back and see that decision.

I got in through ED1, but I’ll let you know when my friends hear back about their Skidmore RD decisions :^)

Will you please have them notify you as soon as they get their decisions and keep me posted. I applied through regular decision and I am extremely anxious. That is why I’m asking.

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