Skidmore - not feeling it

Continuing the discussion from Skidmore Class of 2025 – Regular Decision Date: Mar 15:

One of my sons was accepted but since we started looking into the program, we have concerns generally. The music department chair, though he is credentialed in other areas, doesn’t have an education background in music, and doesn’t teach music which we thought was strange and leaves me scratching my head on their music program. I signed up for the “parent-to-parent” talk and no one has reached out thus far”. Every time I’ve reached out to the Skidmore administration, it takes days for them to respond whereas I get more expedient turnarounds from other schools. It seems even though it’s a small school, unless you have deep pockets you are just a number. Best of luck. I’m sure it’s a great school but not getting a good vibe at all. And with this treatment, it certainly doesn’t seem worth the money.

I’ve been admitted and I find that the school has been very unprofessional in terms of contacting students and parents. This was evident in the confusing dates provided for RD results. However the school has its strengths in other regions! It’s alright if this isn’t the best fit for your son, there’s likely some place better suited for him out there. Best of luck to you two (-: