Skidmore RD 2024

Who else applied RD, or has a student who applied RD?

While we are waiting, let’s each post some of our favorite things about SKIDMORE!

  1. Great academics, including robust offerings in the humanities!

  2. The dining hall is amazing and is extremely thoughtful in its menus for vegans, which is a relevant consideration for my student. Having that Emily’s Garden station specifically for vegetarians and vegans is fantastic. My daughter said she could really see herself sitting in a booth and talking about classes with friends. Also love the long hours to accommodate busy schedules. 7 am - 11 pm on weekdays? Score!

  3. Fantastic theatre program! We visited twice: first for an info sesh and tour (where we just happened upon the Acting for the Camera class working with an actor from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) and later to see the school production of “Cabaret.” Left impressed. And we were reassured that you do not need to be a theatre major to get involved.

  4. Beautiful dance facilities. We gaped at the size of the studios.

  5. Weekends seem jam-packed with fun options, and special events include a big comedy festival and Beatlemore!

  6. Skidmore kids seem very friendly. We were hanging out in the lobby before “Cabaret,” and current students struck up conversations with my daughter and her boyfriend. It seemed like every current student we met had positive things to say about the school.

Hoping for good news in March!

I received my acceptance yesterday. I also was awarded the Porter scholarship…

Great job, @darkermuppet !

@BookLvr thanks! It has been a brutal application process. I was rejected by my ED and my ED2 and was feeling a bit down. This came at the perfect time! I think Skidmore looks like an exceptional school, although I want to focus on Mathematics and CS (I am not super artsy) their financial aid package was incredible! I have a few acceptance/denials still to come in but I am super excited by Skidmore! Where is your D going?

Not sure! She is in EA at Sarah Lawrence College. She did not apply anywhere ED. (This might have not been strategically smart, but she felt like she had so many favorites she couldn’t quite commit). So she is waiting on seven colleges and then will decide. I hope it turns out to be a difficult choice! :slight_smile:

Last year, Skidmore seems to have notified around 3/12, so I am hoping it will be the next school we hear from! Fingers crossed for good news!

My D is an arts (creative writing, dance, theatre) and humanities (philosophy, history, English) type of person, and also pretty in to politics and social justice.

I am waiting on a few as well, although it is going to be hard to beat Skidmore financial aid package! With the scholarship, I won’t have to take out any loans and that seems pretty amazing! I am waiting on the University of Chicago, Swarthmore, Pomona, Bowdoin, Williams, and Haverford. Have you ever visited, Skidmore? I am from rural Idaho (the absolute opposite side of the country). I am going to go visit in April but would love to know what you think of it.

Yes! We have visited Skidmore twice: once for an initial info session and tour, and then a second time to see “Cabaret.” It’s about 400 miles away for us, so a hefty drive, but do-able.

Nice campus, very friendly students, and a great town! I liked the look of the science facility: they have the names of famous scientists going around the railing in the lobby and a molecule mobile dangling from the ceiling.

I hope you love it when you visit…and I also hope that you have a difficult choice, because you have some great schools on your list! (Your only overlap with my daughter is Skidmore, though! She’s got a different set of LACs on her list.)

Same here @darkermuppet
I got rejected by both ED1 and ED2 schools. I got the call that I got the Porter-Wachenheim last Wednesday while I was at work and have been so excited since! I’m coming to the ACD on the 3rd maybe I’ll see ya there :slight_smile:

I applied to 20 schools, waiting to hear from most but Skidmore was #1 out of my RD schools so I’m pretty sure I wanna commit to it.

@Hamman895 Where are you from? I am trying to come to ACD on the 3rd as well. Working on flights now. I am so excited about the Porter-Wachenheim scholarship as well! It makes a huge difference and it is going to be hard for another college to financially beat it. What are you wanting to study?

Oh sweet! Yes it makes Skidmore about the same price as the best State school I’ve gotten into. I am from Massachusetts so about 3 and a half hours from Skidmore.

I’m hoping to Major in Physics and maybe Environmental Science. Possible minor in music aswell. How about you?

Hello, My daughter Caitlin is Still waiting to get a decision on Skidmore regular decision, as well as the Porter scholarship. May I ask, did you find out on your portal or did something arrive in your mail? It is her top choice school and we live in Maine. Congratulations to you ?

Hello @Jenandsterl,
Thank you! I did not find out on my portal or by any digital means. My portal still just says my application is complete but no response on it. I received a call from one of the people who decides who receives the scholarship. I then received a letter in the mail that Friday. It sounded like they made most of the decision’s on one day but with Skidmore ranking demonstrated interest as important I would say it may be worth calling them. Maybe call the admissions office and ask to speak with someone about information on the scholarship? Such as will decisions be released with offers of admission in general, is there anything the college needs now as a supplement, etc.

Thanks so much for your help. We will take your advice and call the admissions office. My daughter visited Skidmore twice and absolutely loved it. It’s definitely her top choice school. Best of wishes to you and thanks so much ?

@Jenandsterl --If you learn anything interesting–like projected date of notification–please come back and share!

@BookLvr From looking at recent years it seems to have been the second week in March that official notifications go out. So there is probably a high likelihood that they will release decisions tomorrow. However, in 2015 when the second Tuesday in March was also the 10th they released decisions a week later on the 17th. Let’s hope for tomorrow! Good luck to ya’ll!

Wow, it’s been eerily quiet on this board. Anyone have any updated regarding notification date aside from conjecture & sleuthing?

I emailed the admissions office two days ago, and their response was that we should get a notification on regular decision in mid March. They didn’t give me an exact date unfortunately

Does anyone know if they just send letters out in the mail, or if an email is sent out instead?

@Jenandsterl Last year I believe it was through email, the year before however it was through snail mail. I’m not sure but if they are saying mid-March I would assume it would be through email.

so Bowdoin sent email yesterday telling applicants the decisions will be released this Friday at 7pm EST. See how easy that is! Given these times, all schools should be releasing ASAP to give families more time since there will be no accepted visits, etc. If not, at least provide a firm date like Bowdoin did–enough anxiety in the world right now.