SMU Cox Class of 2024 Deferred

Applied early to SMU Cox this year. Got into SMU, but deferred from Cox. Anybody have any news on when decisions are coming out? How are we all feeling about this whole process?


GPA: 4.1W
SAT: 1450

Lots of presidential positions in ECs, great LORs, 4.64W senior year GPA

Congrats! I was accepted after being deferred EA as well. Pony up!

Pony Up! DS accepted to Cox!
33 ACT
All Honors and several APs

I got accepted into Meadows but want to double major at Cox! I am a spring admit!

OOS Massachusetts
3.33 GPA
1100 SAT - 600 English, 500 math
very strong essays, ecś, and recs!