SMU EA decision date

Does anyone know if EA decisions will be out tomorrow (Friday 12-11)?


When my son applied two years ago, decisions came out on Dec 15. So, we are close. Wish they would let us know. The waiting is so hard (this year my daughter has applied).


I’m an SMU staff member. I just called the admissions office and was told EA decisions would come out in batches between 12/15 and 12/18.


thank you!

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Last year EA decisions came out on second Saturday at 7 pm CST but would go with the admissions feedback to staff member. I’m not sure why there can’t be a specific date and time but it’s worth the wait.


Could they come out tonight then?

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That would be great, but I think they will send an email the day before, so probably not.

I wouldn’t be shocked if it happened tonight but there was buzz about the timing before it happened last year. I’d go with next week since that was the admissions feedback to the staff member.

I don’t think there’s a pre-release email. At least I don’t recall that last year.

Actually, it was Friday, December 14, 2018 that decisions were released two years ago. I was off by a day! Thank you Facebook Memories feature. LOL

When you say comes out in batches, do you mean by mail or by sending an email to us? I live far away from Texas and I don’t want to wait too long. lol

We called admissions. They said it would be tomorrow or Thursday on portal.

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Thanks. Do you know if they send us an email letting us know to check our portal?

I just called and they said that we will find out this evening. No specific time.

Thanks. Fingers crossed. Good luck to all of you.

we have friends who also applied and they just called. Admission said either Wednesday or Thursday! Why are they saying different things? So weird.

has anyone heard back from smu?

I haven’t heard back. Looks like it will be either tomorrow or Thursday.

How annoying :joy:


Daughter did not receive anything yesterday either. :frowning: