Don’t see a thread for RD/EDII applicants so here you all go. If anyone knows the dates of last years decisions release for RD or EDII please feel free to share. Good luck everyone!

Last years RD date was Friday, March 8. Do y’all think that they will come out this Friday on the 6th?

My friend was just on a tour, and they told her that they were trying to notify applicants sometime this week.

Decisions are out! I randomly just logged into my portal and it was there.
Accepted with Provost Scholarship :slight_smile:

Just got accepted, but applied for direct admission into Cox School of Business as my first choice major was business, but acceptance says nothing about Cox–does this mean I was denied from Cox but accepted into SMU as a regular undergrad?

@sophiaa5 where was your scholarship posted?

I didn’t get in, but I received a conditional offer to attend in the Fall of 2021. Must take twenty four hours of transfusable work following HS graduation. My GPA must be a 2.7 or greater at the college. Anyone else get this?

@shepmom4 It was on the acceptance letter in my portal but it doesnt say the exact amount of the scholarship, just the title- they only give the base scholarship now
My sister is at SMU right now and some of my friends got in EA and none of them got their full scholarship information until a little bit after decisions came out and some also got additional scholarships later

Would those accepted, kindly post their stats? .My daughter was wait listed. Her stats are 4.5 weighted GPA, 3.8 UW and 1440 SAT, from Mid Atlantic, excellent ECs with leadership roles. First choice Cox Business School. I

Thanks and congrats to all accepted!

I got in but for the spring 2021 semester. It really sucks because i am the winner of a 4-year ROTC scholarship, so i would need to start at the beginning of the school year. I really wanted to attend but it looks like i cant.

@Jamieh55 I know quite a few that have received conditional admission. One wanted fashion journalism and went to OU for the conditional year. Another went to Ole Miss. Another went to a Dallas area community college. Going to community college allows one to get some core curriculum out of the way, save money, do some work and be prepared to jump in to SMU life in year two.

@Collegelk here are my stats, hope this helps.

accepted for poli sci last week, got the scholars scholarship that’s 25,000 a year

  • 1500 SAT
  • 3.6 or 3.8 UW GPA, I honestly have no idea
  • captain of a high school sports team each year of high school
  • National Charity League)
  • long term job
  • other random activities

wrote my “why SMU” essay about how I initially decided to apply out of spite (obnoxious cousin’s dream school) but the more I learned about the school the more I actually wanted to go. One of my better essays, tied in some stuff about the school’s morality and values.

My other essay was about my german grandmother’s shame of her culture and how that has shaped my world view (pretty basic content but I was proud of my writing)

Does anyone know when the decisions come out for the business school or the financial aid package?


The admissions office told me that both of those decisions would be released at 5pm CST tomorrow. I’m hoping for good news! Good luck! ??

Cox decisions are posted!!

Are financial aid packages coming out today?

I was admitted to meadows on March 11! I got an email saying there was an update to my portal! But it seems everyone’s admission notifications are scattered

Daughter was accepted in the dance program. We were not able to tour and now we probably won’t be able to because of the virus. Was hoping to learn more about the school to make a decision.

Did your daughter decide to go to SMU for dance? If so, does she like it?

My daughter applied to SMU on 1/24, which was their extended deadline for RD. However, she hasn’t received an email from SMU telling her how to sign into their application portal. How long does it take to get this email? Other schools mailed her portal information within 3 days.