Sophie Davis BS/MD 2020 Applications/Decisions

Interviewed in Feb and waiting for results. Please share if you have an interview invite or waiting for results.

I’m so nervous; my interview is scheduled for March 10th. @Admission2020 what questions were you asked?

@Admission2020 Yeah! we would love to hear your advice! Maybe some potential questions, and what you experienced there. It would truly be very much appreciated.

yes please, sophie is my dream school. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

hey! did u have your interview? how’d it go! what questions were you asked

heyy !! what are some questions u were asked about yr essay and in general about yourself? is there any questions you found intense or difficult to answer?

they mostly asked questions about my personality. so like how my friends and/or family would describe me, my favorite subject, what I like to do in my free time, why sophie davis, what can i bring to sophie davis, least favorite subject, stuff like that. the interviewers were pretty friendly and the questions werent “difficult” they’re just trying to figure out what type of person you are outside of your school. Good luck!

@Syedak they asked me almost all of these questions as well. hope we all get in!

Are any of you familiar with when the decision comes out?

Yesss hopefully! I think decisions come out first week of April

I thought decisions come out on Mar 28th. Did they tell you that it will come out by 1st week of April?

On ccny’s website it says that sophie releases its decisions on April 1st

@Syedak ,Thank you. I did not see any dates on their website. Could you please post the link here.

"All CUNY School of Medicine/Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program admission notifications and decisions will be sent from the CUNY School of Medicine Office of Admissions on CUNY School of Medicine/Sophie Davis letterhead by April 1, 2020. Please note: notification from CUNY is separate. "

I interviewed January 29. I’m just waiting for a decision at this point, it’s been such a long wait bro. Also, does anyone think the decisions might be out later than normal because of the coronavirus shut down? CUNY schools shut down so did that put a hold on the interviews, because interviews were supposed to be up until the last week of March.

Also, where would we find our decisions? Like I get that they physically mail you a letter with your decision, but is there a portal online to check it out?

@BilldaGuye4829 When I interviewed with the director of admissions, he told me decisions will not be delayed no matter what happens; they will make decisions virtually if need be. However, according to him, decisions are out March 28th. But I read on other threads that it’ll be around April 1st. So, just to be safe, start checking your email regularly around the 27th all the way through the first week of April.
From past year’s threads, people have gotten their decisions by email first and then mail if they were accepted, but if they were rejected, they just mail a few days later than the accepted students.

@Syedak , Thank you!

@2020admissions THANKYOU!!!

Does anyone know how many interviewed and what the total number of applicants this year?

Due to CUNY closings, I would think interviews ended 2 weeks earlier than usual -
Are all Of you from NYC or are there OOS on here?

Good luck to all - waiting to hear soon -
Please post if anyone has heard!