Sophie Davis CUNY BSMD: 10 Questions

  1. Does it count as demonstrated interest if you attend the program’s Open House or information session?
  2. Are there undergrad scholarships to apply for as a high school senior? What about any school of medicine scholarships?
  3. In your experience, does this program place a large emphasis on either research, clinical exposure, advocacy, or other category when reviewing apps?
  4. To clarify, are only sophie davis students enrolled at the CUNY school of med? Like the school does not enroll any students except those enrolled in the Sophie Davis Program?
  5. Are there any requirements for the 5 letters of rec that you need to send in? Like 2 sci teachers, + 1 guidance counselor, + 2 volunteer advisors?
  6. Is the program binding? Like can you apply out and not lose your spot at the med school?
  7. Can you take off an additional year of the 7-year program with AP credits?
  8. Where can I find more info about the program other than the main sophie davis site? I want to learn more about the 7-year curriculum and undergrad grade/mcat/EC requirements for the conditional acceptance to the med school.
  9. Is there any NY instate bias, URM preference, etc?
  10. If you are a current student, what’s the culture like at the program?

I have so many more questions floating through my head, but I’m going to make sure they aren’t on the school’s website before I ask them here. Thanks for all your help!

  1. Yes.
  2. For undergrad, yes. (Keep in mind that undergrad tuition is only $3K/semester for NYC residents) For medical school, no.
  3. Don’t know, but their website’s FACT SHEET for Applicants emphasizes clinical exposure and leadership/advocacy.
  4. Only Sophie Davis students are able to enroll at CCNY SOM, CCNY SOM does not accept applicants from outside their dedicated BS/MD program
  5. Don’t know
  6. Yes, the program is binding. Students cannot apply out of the program. Students do not and, it appears, are prohibited from taking the MCAT so applying out is really not an option.
  7. The undergrad portion of the curriculum is extremely dense and time consuming. Students are encouraged to take 4 classes/semester vs the normal 5 instead attempting to graduate early. Additionally there are some curriculum sequencing issues that will prevent students from graduating early.
  8. Sophie Davis Curriculum Map
    I can’t find any specific GPA requirements, but advancement to the med school portion is not automatic. The student is expected to meet “minimum competencies,” in all academic and non-academic areas. No MCAT required.
    For more specifics, you might want to consult MSAR.
  9. Admissions prioritizes applicants from UiM groups, particularly those who grew up in medically underserved areas. Although the Sophie Davis program is open to students who live anywhere in the US, the vast majority of accepted applicants are from NY.