Spring 2024 Graduate Admission

Hey guys. It has been several years since I have posted here, wow! Looking to be a graduate transfer student to NCSU and come back to my home in Raleigh, NC. Currently taking 12 hours of graduate credit at an out-of-state school. I applied to the Masters of Liberal Arts and College of Education (denied two days ago). Does anybody know the easiest graduate programs to get accepted to at State? Previously was an undergraduate transfer student there but flunked out due to being lazy and skipping class Eventually graduated my senior year of undergrad with a 3.3 GPA but a cumulative of 2.7. I have 3 strong recommendations and legacy status there as well as being classified as an NC resident. With that being said, in grad school, I will have two COMM classes completed and Business classes done after this semester. Any ideas on what my chances are with Masters of Liberal Arts or any other programs I should apply to?? Thanks!

Why do you want to go to graduate school?

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What do you want to study? What are you in grad school for now?

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Hey there. Looking to transfer into a Communication Studies MA program. I have an undergraduate minor in COMM (18 hours undergraduate) and will be completing 6 hours of graduate COMM classes.

Hey, trying to eventually transfer into an MA in Communication Studies program. Have 18 hours of undergraduate COMM courses and will have completed 6 hours of graduate COMM classes!

You are in graduate school now and you are looking to transfer to another program?

Correct I’m getting 12 hours of graduate credit at another university and trying to be a graduate transfer for this spring.

What type of work are you interested in?

Sorry, just looking for admissions advice. Thanks.

I am not sure I understand what you want to do. It seems you are looking to transfer to the “easiest” masters degree program at NCSU? Am I understanding you correctly? IMO it is important to know why you would like to get this degree.

A major part of Masters school admission “advice” is: 1) why this grad program? and, 2) what do you want to do with it?

MLA programs are helpful for those in education – teachers – so they can get a pay bump in their district.

(Comm majors are a dime-a-dozen as my dad used to say. IMO, not worth spending a lot of money for a generic MA degree with unknown value.)