St. Andrews American Applicants - Class of 2025

Hello! I’m creating a thread for St. Andrews applicants from the US for the class of 2025 since I haven’t seen one yet. Feel free to share stats, application submission dates, and offer updates.

I was perusing the forums here and on the student room, and found that a few students (not sure if UK or international) have already received offers, and in previous years, decisions come out around mid to late November.

I applied for Modern/Art History in late September through UCAS, still waiting for a decision.

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Some decisions come out in November- but they come out throughout the winter. Decisions are made by subject.

My daughter applied to the Art History department as well. Good luck!

I also applied to the Art History department. I am from US and applied through the common app mid October. I still have not heard back

My daughter got her unconditional offer yesterday. Management, French and Spanish.
She accepted today. Very excited as this was her top choice .
Keen to hear from any others who might be joining her program

Congratulations, @scotisle! afaik, she is the 1st of this year’s crop (on CC) to hear.

My daughter received her offer just last week! So they are processing those applications folks!!!

Congrats, @taboka! Can you post the subject? That helps other applicants, as the applications are evaluated by subject.

Congrats to everyone! I got my offer for this morning (unconditional), look forward to seeing you all on campus next fall!

Congrats, @limebicycle!

Congrats, @limebicycle !! What subject did you apply for?

I applied for Modern &Art History @Readlivelove

Congratulations all

Hi everyone - my daughter applied two weeks ago and had to submit without standardized test scores due to COVID related test cancellations (agonizing cancellations all year). She emailed the admission office to let them know she intended to complete SAT IIs by December and they noted that college board examinations are optional this year but they’d make a note in her applications (she had a detailed explanation about her original testing plan and the repeated cancellations).

Did anyone else apply without test scores and/or does anyone know how badly either not having scores or having delayed scores will effect her application?

Fingers crossed that testing happens in December…

Has anyone heard back from Comp Sci?

@UCASQuestions, did she have any standardized test scores? (APs / other SATs?)

@collegemom3717 - All standardized tests were scheduled for this year and thus most have been postponed. She’s waiting on her ACT score from August which ACT has informed us they may have lost due to the change in web portal platform - her case is being researched and marked as “urgent.” We’ve been waiting months. Sigh. She has three SAT IIs that were pushed to Dec 5 due to cancellations, and we’re hoping they aren’t cancelled again.

As for APs, she goes to a competitive and progressive private school which teaches AP level curriculum but does not encourage students to necessarily take the tests thus she never did previously - the schools prides itself on not teaching to the test, promoting independent thinking and are largely project based in approach. Had we known that she 1) would be interested in the UK and 2) how important APs are to UK schools, we obviously would have approached this differently a year or so ago.

It’s a crazy year, and if testing doesn’t happen next month, then I’ve told my daughter it might not be meant to be.

That said, super curious to know when St. A’s says they’re college board optional… do they mean it?

Yes, the SAT won’t be massively important. But APs or SAT2s usually are - I’d be surprised if they really did accept students with nothing even this year even given St A’s keenness to attract US students. It may depend on the subject/how many applications they get. I suspect subjects with a specific subject prerequisite, eg a requirement for Calc BC for majoring in math or CS, might be less forgiving. What is your DD wanting to study?

@Conformist1688 she is looking to study Spanish. And this is what we anticipated, unlikely to be accepted without SAT II scores to present, particularly in Spanish. She did present a Spanish language creative writing portfolio as well, I don’t if that will help. Well, we’ll see how the COVID lock down advisory in our city goes over the next month, and hope testing proceeds as currently planned on Dec 5…

I think all you can do is hope for the best, then. Her portfolio will help, I’m sure. Good luck!