St. Andrews Classes/Modules

Good evening. I’m an American who is attending St. Andrews in the Fall for two challenging subjects, and as such, I’ve been hoping to find a lighter third course. History is very appealing as I have a passion for the subject, however, I’ve heard the courseload is brutal.

Would anyone happen to know how much work history requires? If so, at St. Andrews, is enrolling in three rigorous classes attainable?

In addition, does anyone know of other humanities subjects that are light yet enjoyable? I’ve heard such things about Art History, but am not sure.


Congratulations on your choice!

My D took film studies as her third course. There is some reading but not as much as History. Management might be another consideration. Also take a look at the course schedule because unlike US schools courses are usually offered at one time only so scheduling conflicts (or clashes as they call them) can occur.

You can probably handle 3 rigorous courses if those are the ones you really enjoy or ultimately fit into your schedule. It takes some adjustment for US students because time management is definitely on you due to fewer assessments and therefore the greater weight grade wise assigned to them.

Thank you for the swift and illuminating reply. Film and Management sound promising and I will definitely look into them. Also, I had no idea about the course schedule, so I’ll be sure to check that out as well. Thanks again.

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Apparently, Human Geography courses are also “light” (relatively speaking).

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