Stanford Waitlist Class of 2025

on the waitlist letter it said the last day was july 1st

welp I’m just going to assume they’re not taking any more students in, a lot of waitlists are closing or near closing at this point.

we had a good run everyone! you all are gonna do amazing, and Stanford is gonna realize what they’re losing out on :)) :heart:

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When will Stanford give us the decision? Any clues?

^^ There is no "decision " to wait for. You were given a decision in Match, which was “you are not admitted.” Your WL position doesn’t enter you into another round of decisions. Instead, it means you want to be contacted should an opening be created. That may or may not happen.

I know a student who was contacted in late August from Stanford’s WL several years ago. This leads me to believe that they keep their WL “alive” until classes start. But it could mean that you won’t hear that the WL has closed until you are heading off to school elsewhere.

Of course, you might be contacted sooner. And others might be contacted and you may not. You are not a “class” in that respect-- you are a group of individuals who may fill openings created by students who choose not to enroll if you have the characteristics they do.

If the WL position doesn’t enter you into another round of decisions, why do they ask for updates such as state recognition or awards? If this is true that means they wouldn’t review those awards?

The admission director of Stanford just participated on a webinar last week - you should be able to find on YouTube - it was presented by a college consulting firm Expert Admissions. What I understood from this presentation, Stanford took from the list early and will only take a candidate further if spots open up (ie: international visa issues etc) otherwise they are done. I am not sure why schools do not disclose this to all the students on the list - but it was clearly stated in this interview.

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@Cristofer19 , so they have full information on everyone who is available to fill empty beds if there are any.

But to be clear, being on a WL is different from a deferral in the early round. The latter means they’ll consider you again with the RD applicants.

I saw the webinar and he did say that otherwise they are done. It is really saddening to know that we were close to being part of the class, and to get rejected after waiting for a month. If I had known this I would have tried again this year.

I think the top schools with waitlists open are likely keeping them open for the same thing - full but just in case. The director of admissions of Ga Tech essentially said the same thing, and cited international instability from India and Brazil as a major question mark in who will actually be able to enroll in August.


that’s a really good point

If not today, just more one week guys!

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anything today for you guys? I got nothing

Also nothing

i guess there’s also a chance tomorrow :))

technically only 3 more days

now 1 :slight_smile:

Any guesses for when they will release updates?

If they get anyone off the list, it will problably be one or two. Good luyck to yall guys

Around 4:20 CA