Stanford Waitlist Class of 2025

Will any of you apply to Stanford again? As a first year student

i have no idea. i think it depends on how much i like my current school :)) what ab you? I feel like this wait has been such an emotional rollercoaster. i really hope they release decisions this week

I feel that I passed so close that I cannot waste the opportunity of studying at Stanford as a first-year student, so I will not even attend another school, in reason of focusing this year on empowering my application to apply again.

How soon do you think is too soon to send another update? I sent one about a week ago after I got a couple school awards but I just got an honorable mention from a government issued contest and I feel like that could be a strong update as well

i think you should send it now! if you are planning on getting more awards in the next few days, then wait. a week is a good in-between time

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i wish you the best of luck! that definitely makes sense :)) since you are so close to getting an acceptance, especially in such a competitive year, then i think you have a great chance next year too! hopefully we get good news from the waitlist

Thanks :)) Yeahh hopefully, but I think they won’t get off many more people

Anyone waits an update today??


nothing today

I won’t lose hope. At this point, it is like winning the lottery, but I still won’t lose sight in that slim chance.


aww wow that is a great mentality :))) I agree!

Any news?!

No man, haven’t heard anything yet.
However, pat yourself on the back. Stanford made it to the 3rd rank on QS World Rankings 2022. None of the Ivies made it to the Top 10, except Harvard at the 5th position.

All of us in this forum, should be proud, that we’re a step away from acceptance. And even if we don’t get in, its solely because Stanford does not have that many places, and not because we aren’t talented.
Much love, keep hoping:)

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Hello, does anyone know how the waitlist process works? Once you send new updates is your application read with this new information?

Anyone get anything today? I didn’t.

no nothing today :(( hopefully good news soon

anything today?

Nope. Anyone know when the last possible day to hear back is?

Last year, a lot of applicants were rejected on 17, August :((((((((((((