Stanford Waitlist Class of 2025

With each email and call I receive, I instinctively pick up believing it may be Stanford. Wish I could see into the future, also congrats : ) Did you send them a LOCI?

nope! I used the initial wl response to put an update then I submitted another update.

: 0 I did a LOCI and submitted like 4 updates that I felt would add to my application. But thanks for the info. :smile:

wait were you admitted off the stanford waitlist this year?? I didn’t know of anyone who was until now

I got off the waitlist last week!! I submitted an update when I accepted my WL position and sent a second update a few weeks ago. I hope the best for you all!!

Was it by call or status update?

did anyone get anything today? :((

Nope. Hope everyone here’s got a backup plan

Hey guys, did anyone get anything? By the way, how many days they give to the waitlist admits to accept their places? Does anyone know?

they have until june 2

Does this mean no more waitlisted students will get off of the list after June 2?

i think on the waitlist letter they said they will send decisions up until july 1st

same ://

did you guys get anything today :frowning_face:

I got a status update, email from my admission officer, and a call from my interviewer.

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sorry to bother, but what day of the week did you hear back :))

hi, thank you so much for sharing. Would you mind checking your message inbox for a couple of my questions on your waitlist. I would really appreciate it thank youu

Where are U from? And what major?

Any news on the waitlist yet?

no :((