Starting a thread for Class of 2023 (Fall 2019 start)

Please join and let others know who you are and stats. EA 1, EA2, and RD

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Wow- Last year’s threads were so active waiting on results. Maybe no one this year who applied watches this board?

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My son applied RD (although technically he submitted his app in November for the music scholarship deadlines). My DD attends St. Olaf now (junior, biology major).

DS is interested in CS, psychology, neuroscience and playing violin.

We hope to hear this week if he received a call back for a live audition.

This whole sub forum is dead this year. Where are all the moms?? LOL

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LOL. I have a son that applied RD early too with a music supplement/hoping for live audition. I heard audition calls at Saint Olaf can be a bit finicky and unpredictable so no idea what to expect with that. My kid is interested in dual degree (BM/BA) though is considering straight BA options too. He is a strong academic applicant and we’ve visited twice and liked campus very much.

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Hello @MusakParent ! Yes, no surprise we’ve been to the campus many (MANY) times moving DD in and out. We are from Illinois.

What have you heard about music auditions being finicky? In what way? My son is not looking for the BA/BM program (although he was accepted recently to Case Western and applied for their non music major scholarship and they wrote and offered him direct admission to their music major–which I thought very kind of them).

RD, applied as a computer science and mathematics major, although I might switch from CS to physics. 3.9 GPA, 30 ACT. I had to retake a class though due to medical circumstances.

Contrary to most people at St. Olaf, I am not into music.

@TytoAlba I just have heard about a few people who’ve done well with other music auditions who weren’t even invited to audition at Olaf. I do suspect these smaller programs are really handpicking kids holistically - they likely want all sorts of diversity throughout those programs. We are from the upper midwest - I’m sure they get many many apps from our area.

Saint Olaf is one of my kids top choices but he might change his tune if he’s not even invited to audition. He does have 4 other auditions lined up for February. He’d be fine if he were deferred to a BA music and could take lessons/have performance opportunities though possibly. He might select it over BM options for the flexibility he could get at Olaf. He has a ton of academic interests and would like to do theater too.

D19 has applied RD. She’s interested in participating in music (strings and/or choral), but isn’t applying for music scholarships and wouldn’t be seeking a BM. (She’s looking to be a Physics, or possibly Math, major.)

I’d put it really high on my list of her schools, but of course it’s not my list, and there are 7 other schools on that list. (And, uh, she does need to get accepted first, though I think she is a very strong candidate.)

@MusakParent understood. My DS is also interested in theatre but only as a extra curricular not a major. Music is important so he definitely wants programs where kids are serious about playing quality music (but not conservatories where non majors have limited chance to play).

My DD has enjoyed her time at Olaf. She does not play music there (former cellist though).

Good luck everyone!

Glad to see I have some company! Instate. DS ACT 31 Superscores 34 but could never pull it together on one test uggh. GPA is 3.6 with lots of AP’s and great grades since mid sophmore year. Freshman year hurt with a sprinkling of A’s and B’s and a C’s… Interested in med. Neuroscience and Chemistry are main major interests for now. LOVED the campus, health careers prep and opportunities to get involved on campus with health based volunteers orgs and research. So hoping it will happen for him. Good luck to you all as well. Last year’s threads had RD popping as early as January.

@CAmom01 fine arts scholarship weekend announcements coming out Jan 20th. If you get called for that, admission is pretty much a given.

My son was accepted ED and is very excited about going to St. Olaf and relaxing a bit for the rest of this senior year. Hope those of you who want to be there in the Fall will be there too!

@REsource what is his intended major? And congrats!

@TytoAlba --how do you know that FA scholar weekend invites are coming on Sunday 1/20? did you hear that from the school? How are kids being notified? Thanks.

@PBJonRYE it is listed on the website timeline for FA music scholarships.

“January 20, 2019 Audition results and invitations for live auditions are sent to all music applicants”

@TytoAlba --i thought you were referencing the overall FA scholarship and not specifically music. There’s no date timeline for the Art scholarship weekend invitation annct. Dance & Art both just say Late January notification for invitation to 2/22-23 scholar day. That’s why i was asking where you got a specific jan. 20 notification date. Hopefully, they will all follow that same timeline.

Just out of curiosity, I wonder if the Buntrock scholarship day is also the 23rd of February. That day is also a scholarship day for another local university.

@PBJonRYE When my DD applied for Art scholarships in 2016 it came approximately the same time.

I got into my top school, RA. GPA is 3.2 unweighted . My act and sat are pretty terrible, I have pretty bad testing anxiety and anxiety in general. 970 sat and 20 act. But I got into my dream school so who cares. Forensic psychology major.

@TytoAlba --Thank you and good to know! How were you notified?