Stats for Previous Coca Cola Scholar Winners?


I was just wondering if anyone on CC who was a previous Coca Cola Scholar Winner post their stats below? I’m thinking about applying for senior year and I was just wondering what they really take into consideration!!


anyone…? lol

@collegehelp1010 hey, looks like this community isn’t that active on cc haha. I was a scholar in 2016, it doesn’t seem like academic stats are as big of a factor. I think extra curricular activities are really important, as well as demonstrating passion for something that you are actually passionate about. My advice is to just stay as honest as possible. The people reading your apps are really great people (except in the first round, because that is done by a computer, I believe). If you are still curious about stats, you can message me and I’ll post or let you know.

Anyone else bump???

Currently applying as well :slight_smile:

See above link. Also:

2015 Scholar

SAT (old): 2100 (app didn’t ask)

SAT(new): N/A

SAT IIs: App didn’t ask/or didn’t list


AP Tests: App didn’t ask/or didn’t list

GPA: 4.0 unweighted, which is what matters. Courseload was maxed out.

Rank: 1/925

Volunteer Hours (approx): couple thousand

Other stats: Stuff they asked about like international awards/national awards/etc.


Essays: Gr8

Teacher Recs: Chem teacher who knew me through an EC competition too, and I think the executive director of a non-profit I’m involved in. Forget how many recs they asked for, but they were all good.

Other Rec(?): Idk I think they asked for one from my guidance counselor too. Was good.

Hook (if any): Rough early life, some press about unique professional accomplishments

State or Country: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania at the time

High School Type, Relative Competitiveness (1-5): 1 is low and 5 is high: 1

Ethnicity: White

Sex at Birth: Female

i ought to apply to because the coca cola award does look good lol