Stony Brook vs Oberlin - Environmental Studies

I’m a high school senior stuck between the Stony Brook University Scholars program and Oberlin College. I plan on majoring in Environmental Studies. Oberlin is more expensive but I like it and don’t know if it’s worth the extra money, especially opportunity/ career-wise.

I like Oberlin but I doubt it from a purely ROI perspective if the difference is big.

What are the net costs at each?

If you’re in-state at SUNY SB, while it’s going to be a more local crowd - but provided it’s cheaper, it’s a better deal given the major.

Are there areas you want to focus in? Maybe Oberlin offers a specific area of the major that SUNY doesn’t - then it’d be worth it.

But in general, cheaper is better. Especially when the differential is broad. But that’s a broad statement. There are exceptions.

If you would like to consider online information, note that Oberlin receives recognition for its environmental studies program in this site, in which relatively few schools appear: