Suggest a few Colleges Please

<p>'ello Everyone.
I'm doing the IB and I've yet to start my final year. I was hoping some of you could suggest a few colleges in my reach so I could get down to the apps ASAP. Thank you in advance :) (I'm Indian btw. I know there's no point adding that in here, but well whatever right...)
My SAT Score is 2220 With;
Math 750
CR 720
Writing 750
TOEFL iBT (Not sure how much that helps) : 109
I haven't done my SAT II's yet but I'm going to take the Math and the Physics Subject Tests. (Hopefully will get 700 or above)
My scores range from 34-36 / 42 so + 2/3 would give 36-39 / 45 (Not too good but what can I say, it's the IB)
And my EC's to name a few;
I'm the captain of my Inter-School Tennis Team
I've worked at a hydroelectric plant construction site and I've stayed with a well-known company at one of their Windmill Farms for a week learning and etc
I've been to a MUN but it was during my 9th Grade
I've participated in a Science Program at the National University of Singapore
My essays should be decent. I've started one and it's not so bad
I've got no issues with Finance
...And well, if there's any more information that I should've provided and yet haven't please tell me (As you can so clearly see, I'm a n00b n00b n00b)
Thank you, I will be grateful to any helpful replies</p>

<p>You forgot your prospective major?!</p>

<p>And your tenth std grades?</p>

<p>Aaah, now thats just embarassing
I want to Major in either Civil Engineering or Environmental Engineering.
Well basically Engineering.
I got 88% in my ICSE 10th grade boards
Thanks ^^</p>

<p>Redundant post, please ignore. Didn't see OP's response.</p>

<p>What type of university are you looking for?
Do you only want to study engineering or do you want a more "liberal" engineering curriculum? Do you want a college in the city or in the middle of nowhere or a suburban school?</p>

<p>Seeing that you don;t need aid, you're options are quite open. That said, to get into a good university one needs much more than "decent" essays. I suggest you start working on your common app essay sooner or later?</p>

<p>Oh and any "dream schools"?</p>

<p>Big Preferably. I don't mind either; Public and Private are both good with me.
Location really doesn't matter. And well, not too liberal.
I've started with the sample essay topics that they've given out on the Common App Website but well, waiting for the actual topic. Yes, I'll spend a lot of time on it, I realize the top tier university's require amazing essays ^^
Well, Stanford's always been my dream school. I know it's like way out there and out of my reach but that's why it's just that... a "dream" school
Thanks again ^^</p>

<p>^ You stole my dream college :P</p>

<p>Ok so, Stanford, Berkeley, Cornell, MIT, Northwestern, UMich, Carnegie Mellon. Maybe Harvey Mudd if you actually like it. You could add Duke too. Take a look at Penn and Columbia too if they interest you.</p>

<p>Those colleges are low-impossible reaches. </p>

<p>For matches and safeties I'd say UIUC, Purdue, Georgie Tech, Virginia Tech.</p>

<p>UT-Austin is also a good engineering school but I don't know anything about it.</p>

<p>All the schools don't have environmental engineering so you'll need to check out on that. And obviously you'll need to look into each and cut out colleges. If you fall in love with any of them, especially the Ivies, I suggest EA/ED-ing.</p>

<p>Advice: Don't pay attention to engineering rankings, for that matter any rankings. They often reflect research and grad school strength which counts barely in your undergrad rankings. Choose colleges cause you like 'em and they provide a good undergraduate education. And professors who care about you.</p>

<p>EDIT: Omg, I'm actually don't have anything to do. x(</p>

<p>34-35 is good if youre in a tough school like jamnabai.
Stanford is a high reach for you, but then again, its a high reach for everyone...</p>

<p>Haha, did I? Yes, quite a few of us share that dream ^^
I'm considering EA-ing Stanford cuz I'm insanely in love with that place.
Is UMich also a Low Impossible Reach? Damn, I was considering that a match. Oh well...
I'll check. But since Environmental Engineering isn't really my preferred Major, it doesn't matter too much.
I've grown to like UIUC. Can I really consider it a match?
I don't know... All these colleges seem impossible to get into to me. There's so many applicants! It's driving me crazy!
I gave up on rankings. Thats why I came here :P Sick of MIT always being up there for Engineering. Haha.
I was hoping someone could suggest a few suitable colleges that I could research myself so I quit looking at the damn rankings.
Thanks a lot ^^. Really helpful advice.</p>

<p>I'm in TISB. It's impossible to get over a 38/42 here (Literally) so yeah, it's pretty tough :P
Haha. Damn it all. I wish I were smarter >.></p>

<p>Oh, we know a LOT OF PEOPLE in common then :)</p>

<p>TS, KS, DG...</p>

<p>In the past Stanford EA has taken maximum 2 indians. And all of 'em have some form of legit international recognition/awards. And they are certifiably super geniuses.</p>

<p>And TISB? I know a couple of your seniors ['13] :P</p>

<p>I have no idea what those IB scores mean, but if they're equivalent to 85+ in CBSE, and if you can get 750+ in your SAT IIs, then U Mich is a match if you apply early (send your application in by November). Of this I'm reasonably sure.</p>

<p>True, true..</p>

<p>Umm I do know that a 38 is equivalent to a 92%.</p>

<p>I have a million friends who are in/ have done the IB
37: UCB, 38: UIUC, Stanford WL, 38: UCL (University College London), UIUC, Leeds, 31: SUNY Buffalo, one of the UTs, 42: Cambridge, 37-38: CMU, UT Austin, 38: UCLA</p>

37: UCB, 38: UIUC, Stanford WL, 38: UCL (University College London), UIUC, Leeds, 31: SUNY Buffalo, one of the UTs, 42: Cambridge, 37-38: CMU, UT Austin, 38: UCLA


<p>What do these numbers mean?</p>

<p>I didn;t want to say UMich is a match cause I've seen some people who should have got accepted, rejected along with the fact that UMich is switching to the Common App-->More apps esp. from internationals.</p>

<p>@BlueBox: They're the amount of credits the student scored at the end outta 45 and the colleges they got into</p>

<p>add 38: Johns Hopkins</p>

<p>prateek: Yea, if you apply towards the end then your chances of admission reduces significantly. However if you apply early then chances of admission are good, especially because U Mich has rolling admissions.</p>

<p>aniruddh: Oh, I see. I'm totally ignorant when it comes to IB.</p>

<p>@blue_box: UM has totally changed their admissions policy.. Check the website out... Bad news for us! :'( :'(</p>


Will my application be reviewed any differently now that U-M is using the Common App?
No; our application review process will remain the same.


<p>From the U Mich Admissions website.</p>