Summer/Fall 2021 Transfer Admission

Yes they did. My GPA at my current school is a 3.6 because they do plus/minus, but my transfer audit for A&M shows my GPA is a 3.81. I believe this is because A&M combines labs with lectures. I also have 21 hours completed so far on my transfer audit, and I will be transferring with I believe 36 credit hours by the end of this semester.

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Just got 6 tabs this morning. I was so excited when checking the portal while working. Thank y’all for answering my questions and helpful information.

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Congrats!! Welcome to Aggieland!!!

If they deferred you, I think you’ll be solid with this GPA. Keep us posted!!!

Congratulations on your acceptance!!

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Hi, I have a 3.88 GPA on 25 graded credits with around 33 AP/CLEP credits, and I just sent my final spring transcript. I meet the minimum requirements for AGBU (AGEC is my second choice) and I’m super anxious. I had already gotten denied due to not having the minimum 24 hours yet, and I was just wondering what my chances of getting in were and how long acceptance has been taking recently. Thank you!

I’m confused. Are you applying for Spring? Were your denied for fall?

Sorry, I’m applying for Fall 2021. I was originally denied due to not having 24 credits, and they said to send my final spring transcript once my grades were put in so that they could review my application again for Fall 2021.

Okay makes more sense. Lol. So you were deferred which is always a good sign. Your GPA is really good. Ag business is popular but not too competitive. I think you have an excellent shot as long as you completed all required courses.

Keep is posted.

“According to our records, you do not currently have 24 graded, transferable hours or your cumulative grade point average is below 2.5; therefore, you have been automatically denied admission without review by an academic college. For an additional opportunity for Fall admission, you may provide an official transcript with your current Spring grades to the
Office of Admissions by June 1, 2021.”

So that’s defer and not deny? Also, do you know if I have to do anything other than just send them my transcript? I don’t have to reapply or anything right? Thank you!

Correct. You’re denied based on not enough credits but they are deferring or I guess allowing another look see once you complete this semester. And no you do not have to reapply. If you did that, it would be for spring. So as soon as grades are in… send them and then follow up with admissions to make sure it’s been received!! You’ve got this!! I have no doubt.