Summer/Fall 2021 Transfer Admission

Did you get deferred for spring grades? & if you did, did your AIS change to “complete and in review” after submitting your final transcript with spring grades? I submitted my final transcript last week, but my AIS still just says “ My application” and gives me the option to view the decision, which was the one that deferred me for spring grades. I really don’t know what to expect now

Yeah I got deferred for not having enough hours in the spring. I submitted and they received my final transcript about 3 and a half weeks ago. It took until a couple days for the red “x”s to turn into green check marks and then Tuesday morning it finally said complete and in review. When did you send your transcript?

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It says they received it on 5/24 in my “ received documents” tab, but the only areas with x’s for me is the section where it says “additional documents required if admitted.” So my AIS just says “ My application status.” I guess it takes them a couple of weeks to process it and update it.

Yeah I remember calling several times because I was worried and they told me it takes about 2 weeks for the transcripts to process the transcripts and the x’s to change.

Also chck your degree audit to see where they have you GPA and hour wise.

Hi I applied to transfer for fall 21 for applied math and still haven’t heard anything. although i did get deferred for spring grades because i was taking 3 courses required and did finish the semester with 4.0. my audit report shows 64 credit hours with 3.60 GPA. However i know some of the credit won’t apply because they are from my previous university for a different degree. i got the audit report on May 25th. Do deferred student typically get in or do i need to be worried? please help

I don’t know the percentage, but yes, most deferred students DO get in. And with your 4.0, it’s obviously only going to help!

The audit report will show everything that transfers. If there’s a corresponding # then that is a direct course per course. If it just says trns then it may not transfer for a course on your degree plan, but counts in university hours. It could take place of an elective for instance.

My daughter had taken ag economics at OSU and when she transferred to tamu, they took that course for Acct. 209! Go figure. So speak with advisor, once accepted, to maximize transfer credit.
Good luck and keep us posted.

Okay then i’ll wait, thank you! Hope you hear back soon with good news!

I got my transfer audit around March and it has me at 62 hours on a 3.84 GPA. I finished my Spring semester strong with A’s, but I just can’t help but worry since I was told decisions would be out by June by an advisor.

They should update your transfer audit with spring grades.

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I am speaking from our experience. Remember for transfers the acceptance is done by the college and some colleges take longer than others. When my daughter went through this for Fall 2019, after 1 year in Corpus, she did not get officially accepted until mid-late June. I think it was somewhere between 17th to 19th.

You advisor mentioned decisions in June not June 1st, I am sure. I don’t think you have much to worry about, unless yu are trying for Mays or Viz (just because they take so few)


Has anyone heard yet?

To recap, I met all requirements with a 3.88 GPA, had 3 extracurricular organizations (was an officer in one), and had three years of work history, full time during the last two semesters. I applied to Ag Business and Ag Economics. I’ve had issues with my credit by exam courses (two of which I needed to get in) and another course, but I was granted credit for those courses by Admissions, and assured several times by the top advisor for my department that I did meet minimum requirements to be admitted. I was denied, however, and when I emailed and asked why, was told it was because I did not meet minimum requirements. I am appealing, and currently talking to several people in hopes that my application can at least be looked at again, but basically everybody is just confused as to why different people were told different things regarding my application/what I had credit for. Hopefully I should know what my actual decision is soon though. Final spring transcript sent 5/5, updated on 5/7, and received transfer audit report 5/18. Transfer Deny Final decision received 6/3. Hopefully I’ll get better news soon, but it’s really frustrating to be assured and promised by multiple people in multiple departments, on multiple occaisons, that I met minimum requirements, and that I’m essentially good to go, and then be denied for not meeting those requirements.

@agbusiness do you have all communication in writing, or were you told in person/verbally? If you’ve got it in writing, I would attach it all when you appeal.
Do you have the transfer requirements printed out, making sure they’re the most recent requirements?

@52AG82 I do have all of it in writing, thankfully. And the advisor had sent me a form that they use to evaluate applicants that lists requirements, that you can’t find online, and I have that too.

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They are going to review my application again!! Super grateful, so we’ll see how it does and I’ll just have to wait and pray.


Got my 6 tabs this morning!!! I’m so grateful and so excited to officially be an Aggie!!



I woke up this morning to 7 tabs and I’m a little confused because everyone talks about six tabs. Does anyone know what that means? My tabs are Home, applicant, my records, my finances, Student life, Research and My Howdy.

Thank you!

It means you’re in. Congrats!